Funniness From The Way Back Machine

Oh! Oh my!  This one is a side-splitter!!  That Bipolaronfire sure is one hell of a smart ass!!  It’s good to see that two and a half years ago, just out of the looney bin, I was kicking ass and taking names.  It’s always important to keep those “Mental Health Professionals” on their toes.  Let’s make this a great day, people!  Go for the belly laugh.

3 thoughts on “Funniness From The Way Back Machine

  1. I posted this on your old one but thought maybe you’d look here

    This is fantastic.


    I hate stupid arbitrary rules and people who refuse to bend them.

    For real. urrrrrghhhhhhh

  2. Okay, seriously, the flu and having to deal with your bilateral partner are perfect excuses to miss over three sessions. Who makes this stuff up, right? I hope your toe fungus healed nicely 🙂

    • Being Bilateral (WTF is that anyway?) and having toe fungus were pure fiction, the work of a bored and frustrated brain 😉 I am grateful to have never had toe fungus. I’ve heard that it really sucks! 😀

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