This Is What I Look Like To An Eleven Year Old

Aunt Bipolaronfire

This is what I look like to an eleven year old.  My niece, in fact.  Everything is in-the-moment, unfiltered, stream of consciousness.  “You have kind of a fat nose” she says, as she measures my nose with her pencil and goes back to the page and marks, a large mark.  Well YOU have fat TOES, I say, but only in my head, because I’m not That Mean Aunt.  “Your eyes are blue and mine are brown” she says accusingly.  “Yes.  That. Is. True.” I answer in my best robot voice.  She giggles.  “I’m just going to draw you how I want.”  You better not, I say menacingly.  You better sharpen that pencil and get going on every single wrinkle!”  “I don’t have that kind of time”, she says.  So goes a peachy-golden evening with my niece.  Happy Friday, y’all!

5 thoughts on “This Is What I Look Like To An Eleven Year Old

  1. I love it!!!! “Aunt Bipolaronfire” – that’s even better than “Aunt Beast” (from one of my favorite books “A Wrinkle In Time”!) XOXOXOXOXOXO you’re awesomesauce no matter what you’re called, honey!

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