Turnin’ On The Waterworks

Today, I went to visit Dr. Drugs, and I had to get one of my big guns out of the arsenal: THE WATERWORKS!  I think I may have mentioned that at my last appointment, with no explanation, Dr. Drugs cut me off at the knees by cutting my Wellbutrin dose from 450 mg down to 150 mg.  It was at the end of the appointment and he kinda bum-rushed me with a fucked up prescription and rushed me out the door.  Well, the combination of cutting my antidepressant down to nearly fuckin’ nothing, plus the time change, plus the days getting shorter, plus the weather getting colder has led me to having some pretty good blah-don’t-wanna-do-nuthin’s, plus some medium-level sads.  I’m not on my way to the mental hospital just yet, but goddammit I’m determined to stay away from that place.  So today, I sat down in the chair in Dr. Drugs’ office, and I fuckin’ turned it on.  I thought about mental hospitals, and letting my family down, and drowning puppies, and fuck if the boo-hoo’s didn’t come on just in time! I swear, I couldn’t have done better if I’d called 1-800-WAA-WAAH!  Dr. Drugs sat back in his chair and said “I believe you have a severe case of Seasonal Depression.”  <—- (understatement of the year, Dr. Drugs).  Many of you may say, Bipolaronfire, you manipulated him with your tears!  To that I respond, FUCK NO!  I am a TIGER for my mental health!!!  I will do whatever the FUCK it takes (aside from blowing Dr. Drugs) to get me through the dark days of winter and stay out of the mental hospital!  And so should you!  In fact, if your drugs are not working for you, I suggest that you try channeling a little Bipolaronfire Tiger energy in your next session with your PDoc.  If that doesn’t work, I will gladly refund you your misery :).  Now get out there and FIGHT!  Fight for your right to BE WELL!  Hell to the YEAH!  Peaches, homies!

5 thoughts on “Turnin’ On The Waterworks

  1. You did it ABSOLUTELY right, my sweet georgia peach!!!! My very 1st thought while reading the first part of this was “could you have changed the dosage amount on the script? YES!!! I would have no problem doing that given how you were treated!!!!!!! And I would pull the waterworks in a millisecond, complete with snorts, coughing fits, and tons of snot running down my face unwiped/unchecked + a few killer farts if at all possible to get anything I thought would help me!!!!

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