Best Bipolar Medications, Volume II

Here is a synopsis of what I have used, and how it has worked. I’m not saying it will work the same way for you, although it might!  I don’t think any of them will kill you, although they say that Latuda has the potential for an awesome deadly rash.  Bad-ass!

Lithium: Seemed to work as a mood stabilizer.  Side effects:  One minor side effect was that I HAD TO PEE A MINIMUM OF FIVE TIMES A NIGHT!!!!  Dr. Drugs considered this to be a negligible side effect.

Clozaril: Worked as a mood stabilizer in that it kept me glued to the couch watching tv.  No motivation to get up, get out, go see the world, and certainly I couldn’t work up enough motivation to kill myself.  Side effects:  Pot-like munchies, causing me to gain THIRTY POUNDS.  Dr. Drugs considered this to be an acceptable side effect.  When I told him that my PCP was concerned that I may become diabetic, he replied “Then we treat the diabetes.”  Not cool, Dr. Drugs, NOT COOL!!

Lamictal: Stabilized me to a point that I was completely flat.  No affect whatsoever.  Couldn’t think of a thing to say, do or be.  Side effects:  See above

Abilify:  This is my current drug.  I’ve always hated Abilify because of their stupid fucking cartooney commercials.  BUT!  This shit is working.  I’m stabilized, and I have a personality.  My long-lost creativity has come back, after two years of hiding from me.  I think Dr. Drugs took it and put it in a box somewhere.  Side effects:  It is possible to have herky-jerky involuntary muscle movements.  So far I have punched myself in the face only once.

What’s the commonality among all of these drugs? None of them give you diarrhea.  This is a good thing people.  They will not send you hurtling towards the ceiling, the noxious stuff shooting out of your butt.  Oh how I wish I could say the same for this cocktail of antibiotics that I am on for the Oh Glory H. Pylori!  My head is now flat on top.  And I hurt.  HURT!  In the nether regions.

Ok now…it’s your turn! What’s working for you?  Let’s get this mofo cookin’ with some good, current info on what works for us Bipolars, YEAH BABY!  Peach out, homies!!!

22 thoughts on “Best Bipolar Medications, Volume II

  1. I’ve tried soooooooo many meds, and also asked for ECT (which worked great but it got me out suicidal ideation & functioning only; it didn’t help with chronic treatment-resistant bipolar depression.)

    What worked was lithium + the MAOI Parnate/tranylcypromine – using them together has been key!!!! It only took me seven fucking years of hell to find this combo. that worked – and that was because only one shrink out of the many, many pdocs I saw over the years thought to suggest an MAOI.

    MAOIs have been known for helping treatment-resistant bipolar depression for decades since they’ve existed since the 1950’s I think – something like that. I wonder why psychiatrists don’t spread the word about MAOI’s for bipolar depression that’s med-resistant?

    Can you say “Because MAOI’s are not the newest, most costly Big Pharma drugs?” Yep. I read a book by a trendy psychiatrist in which she PUT DOWN MAOI’s.

    The book is called “Moody Bitches” – if that’s not a sell-out title, I don’t know what is. I was tempted to contact her and explain how these useless MAOI’s restored me back to a real life. Then I thought I’d most likely be wasting my time with her….who knows, though. I may get fired up and email her sometime or write a scathing review on Amazon.

      • Sorry it was written in such a rushed way – I have one sick kid, one freaky kid, and one bored, cooped-up hound driving me fucking nuts! I really wanted to add some studies I found citing the efficacy of lithium (sorry it made you pee so much) and the Parnate that made me scream out “Holy shit!” and prove that I’m not an anomaly when it comes to these two meds actually lifting the fucking evil poo poo bipolar depression from hell! Xo

  2. Okay, I wrote this on Amazon –
    One Star for MOODY BITCHES by Dr. Julie Holland
    I really enjoyed Dr. Holland’s first book “Weekends At Bellevue” and of course I wanted to like this one! I’m an active women’s perinatal mental health advocate, and I’m pro-medication and pro-psychiatry, especially wanting to promote female psychiatrists whenever I can. Unfortunately I can’t do that here.

    When Dr. Holland wrote in “Moody Bitches” that she was against prescribing MAOI’s (monoamine oxidase inhibitor) without detailing ANY convincing reasons behind that statement, my mouth dropped open and she lost me as a fan.

    An MAOI (Parnate/tranylcypromine) has been a life-changing medication for my treatment-resistant bipolar depression, especially used with lithium. I could cite several studies and I could write a 2000 word article about the efficacy of MAOI’s for treatment-resistant bipolar depression.

    Thanks to my psychiatrist (who thought out of the box and went with an “old-school” med combo of the MAOI and lithium), II have a wonderful, very full life. Before my MAOI was added to my lithium,I had no purpose for seven years since my bipolar, perpartum onset was triggered.

    Since I started taking the MAOI & lithium, I’ve been a present, loving mother & wife, I advocate for women’s perinatal mental health, and I lead free support groups for women with mood disorders. I was a professional writer since I was in my mid-20’s interviewing the likes of Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison and Dr. Martha Manning, and my writing career went down the toilet when bipolar entered the picture. Since I started taking the MAOI/lithium combo, I started writing again and I landed a book deal with Post Hill Press for my book “Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar” with a foreword by Dr. Walker Karraa.

    None of these amazing blessings would’ve taken place if not for my MAOI. So all I can emphasize in this review is that I no longer recommend this doctor’s books to anyone, and I lost every bit of respect for her professional acumen since she dissed MAOI’s.

    Dyane Leshin-Harwood, B.A., C.P.T.
    Founder, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA),
    Santa Cruz County, CA Chapter
    Member, International Society of Bipolar Disorders, Postpartum Support International and The Marce Society for Perinatal Mental Health
    @birthofnewbrain #NotJustPPD #EveryPMADCounts

    • Oh my GAWD that is so many flavors of awesome, I don’t even know where to start!! Dyane!!!!!!!!!!! I only WISH I could be as high-functioning as you!!!! Beautiful piece of writing, my friend!!

      • You are WAY, way too kind – my head is about to blow up! I’m not high- functioning compared to most freaks; my dog Lucy functions better than I do except for her, um, slight biting problem…but the fact that I don’t sit in bed all day like I used to do (for years….) is my biggest achievement – just getting out of the bed each day. I’m proud to be able to do it and I know you get that.

        BIG ‘ol love to you, sweet peach!
        :)))) XOXOOXOXOXOXO

  3. Ok, so Abilify it is. I think my doc was going to prescribe Latuda this week. Personally I wish I could find one that would stifle my appetite. And this was funny!

    • I don’t think there’s one that will stifle your appetite, but at least there’s one that won’t STIMULATE it (evil Abilify). If you ever need a good sleep aid, Trazadone did stifle my appetite. But it kind of made me a slug during the day. It might not have that side effect on you though. We’re all just a great big chemistry experiment for our doc’s! 😀

      • Good to know about the sleep aid. I’m currently thoroughly addicted to clonazepam. But my tolerance is such that I’m taking a ridiculously high dose. Even the pharmacist flinches when she sees the script.

      • I’m on clonnie too but I find that it doesn’t work that well! I fall asleep, wake up, take some more, fall asleep, wake up, take some more . . . it’s kind of a wimpy drug. I wish I could take the traz but dammit I want to DO things during the day!!

  4. I take lamictal and Tegretol. Things are generally better than before being diagnosed in April and starting these meds.

    A friend was on abilify for a while and it helped tremendously, but she doesn’t have insurance and was receiving charity care though the company until they yanked it.

    • Janet, thank you so much. These are amazing drugs and it’s amazing how they work differently for different people. Thanks for sharing your experience!! I’m so glad you’ve climbed out of the pit! 😀

  5. Holy comments!! Abilify does nothing for me, just as it’s cousin Latuda is like popping an MM. I did ECT for several rounds, but all it did was raise me out of a suicidal depression, not do anything for long-term treatment. My favorite is probably Lithium, Seroquel, Geodon, Ritalin, and some other stuff added in for good measure. My cocktail changes by the month, so its hard to tell what really works.

    • Oh dear I forgot to mention ECT. I don’t think ECT helped me as much as the Ketamine they used to put me under. Because when I did ECT in Florida (they used Propofol) I felt like shit. So Ketamine! I want Ketamine!!!!

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