Sometimes Life Hands You A Bowl Of Shit

Chalk one up for random acts of “what the fuck?”, y’all.  On Thursday I was taking a lovely walk with my dear mother and we came upon a wet spot on the sidewalk.  Just as I was saying “Oh Mom don’t walk there it’s ice” she took a step and her legs flew out from under her.  She was flat on her back.  This turned into a whopping concussion, a brain bleed, and admission to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.  All from TAKING A WALK.

I stayed with my Dad and took care of him (like taking care of a baby) for a few days:  hospital visits, meals, cleanup, laundry, repeat.  Shit, I don’t know how my Mom does this day in and day out!  I know she shouldn’t!

Fortunately, Mom was released early yesterday afternoon.  A miraculous recovery, I’d say.  She’s still pretty unclear on what happened, but it’s not like the ride to the hospital and the first few hours there, when she’d repeat the same questions over and over “What happened?”, “How did I get this bump on my head?”, “I took a walk?  Where?  Was I alone?”  and then it started all over again.  It was real-life Groundhog Day.  I must have answered her questions 150 times.  No joke.

This is my first day to myself and after sleeping in until 1pm I have been taking it pretty easy.  My siblings and I will trade off spending days with Mom and Dad for probably the next three weeks.  Self-care and balance have become focus words and not just abstracts that I hear popped off by therapists and doctors.  I will do my best to take care of me, while caring for them.  Not what I expected for Thanksgiving week but I am going to show myself how adaptable I am.  And I’m going to be GRATEFUL that my Mom is ok and recovering!!!  Peaches to yer homies!!

3 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Hands You A Bowl Of Shit

  1. I’m SO SO SO glad that you’re Mom has been recovering; how horrible for both of you, sweetie. I’m glad you finally got some sleep today. I’m grateful that you’re both okay and I send you lots of love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sending prayers to your mother, your father and family. This is so hard. I know how to sad it is to see your parents in such circumstances. My heart is there with you. Wish I could help somehow. I love you!

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