It’s A Winter Wonderland Up In This Bitch!

christmas treeMy retro 70’s white Christmas tree makes me inordinately happy!  I haven’t decorated for a few years, I must say it was a blasteroo to break out the Christmas decorations, along with all of their memories!  Some of the ornaments on my tree are from my childhood.  No that doesn’t make them a century old, asshole.  But almost.  ‘Twas a chill day at the ol’ homestead.

The weather has been 100% SUCK with really cold temperatures and snow every other time you turn around.  I am trying to stay in the moment and have still managed to keep doing my daily thirty minute walk, only by listening to crazylicious music, such as Undun by The Roots.  I do believe that I deserve some kind of prize though, for exercising through this shit.

This week brings more altruistic action although I am selfish and lazy so it doesn’t come naturally.  I will be at my parent’s house doing their bidding tomorrow, and then taking my crotchety old jerk of a Dad to his doctor’s appointment on Tuesday.  I love my Dad, but he busts out some jerkality a lot of the time!  Hopefully he will be on his best behavior, as will I.

Hope you all have a great week, and  I say this as an optimist but not a realist:  GO BRONCOS!!!!!

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