They Love Me, They Really Love Me!

Well, despite all my shit-talking about my parents, when push comes to shove I have to say they really love me.  This week, they busted out their Southwest Airlines points and bought me a plane ticket to Florida for Christmas!  YESSSSSSS!!!  Florida for Christmas AND I get to miss any potential dramatic Christmas screaming match at the ol’ homestead!  I am cookin’ with gas now, my friends!  Just two short weeks, and I will be out of the Colorado cold and basking in the delicious rays of the Florida sunshine.  Can you say gratitude???  Oh I am so excited….just when I thought I couldn’t bear another fucking winter day here, I have something to hold on to.  Floridaaaaaaa…..

Hope you have a gangbang-up weekend, peeps!  I am off to try to hike off more of these Clozapine pounds.  Ten down, twenty more to go!  It’s a bitch, but so far, they haven’t invented an app to do it for me.  So long, farewell for now….

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