I Love You Costco!!! Newsflash For The Uninsured!

Well many of you know that I lost my health insurance as of 11/30/15 and this has created quite the crisis when it comes to filling prescriptions.  I don’t care about doctor appointments, I cancelled them all (except for therapy, my lovely therapist just charges me a copay and doesn’t bill insurance because she’s AWESOME).  SO!  I have started putting in some refill requests for prescriptions to Walgreens, who I have used for forever, and the thirty-day supplies for drugs are ranging from around forty bucks for one, to over a hundred dollars for several of my generic drugs!!!  SO!  I came to the conclusion that I needed to do a little price-shopping here, and who did I call first?  Costco.  My favorite store.  The prices I got from them absolutely ASTOUNDED me.  Heads up, uninsured people!!!  You need to join Costco!!!!!  The savings for my prescriptions ranged from a low of 73% to a high of 92%!  Yes you read that right, 92% savings!!!  Oh how I am happy I made that call!!  Walgreens would go ahead and bankrupt me with their crazy-high markups on generic drugs, but my friend Costco is going to keep me in the black this month.  What. A. Relief!!!

High note #2:  I did find health insurance, which begins January 1 and will be a HUGE savings from what I was paying COBRA.  I don’t know what in the HELL the Republicans’ problem is with the Affordable Care Act, but it is definitely saving my life.  I am certain that, with all of my issues, I would not even be able to find coverage if it were not for the ACA.  Again I am very grateful.  Some great weights have been lifted off my shoulders, thank you Jeebus!!!


16 thoughts on “I Love You Costco!!! Newsflash For The Uninsured!

  1. So very happy for you!!! You might see if there is “Working Healthy” in your state, as well. That is what I got on (it’s basically Medicaid), when I was underinsured while working and co-pays are ZERO dollars! 😀

  2. So SO so SO glad that you did your homework!!!!!!!!
    Proud of you, my fiery peach!
    I get my lithium from CVS – it’s cheap, but I get my MAOI Parnate @ Costso as there’s a ginormous difference and it’s not cheap even @ Costco so you can imagine it’s super-pricey elsewhere!!!!!!!

  3. I’m in a shit mood but glanced over at your post titled
    “Demi Lovato Naked…Yet She Has No Asshole!” and it made me laugh!!!!
    Remember that one? OMG!
    Thanks for the chuckle, lovey!

  4. And this is why I scour blogs and take notes…my insurance recently capped out, and I’ve had to pay full price for my drugs (the cap is lifted in the new year.) But when I had my last refill and had to dish out $100 that I hadn’t anticipated and had to say goodbye to paying my heating bill for the month, I am SO happy to have read this post. I’m checking out Costco tomorrow. Thanks for the info!

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