There’s Snow In The Air, But Sun In My Heart


Well it’s Colorado, so you know it’s gonna snow. Have I mentioned that winter is not my favorite season?  Yesterday morning when I woke to snow falling, all I could do is sit in front of my therapy light for a full hour (yes that might be therapy light abuse) and thought about Florida, Florida, FLORIDA!  One week as of yesterday until I am in Florida and away from this dreaded winter!!!  Since none of my current clothes are going with me to Florida, I went ahead and packed.  Oh it got me so excited, I nearly came!  I rode a wave of Sunticipation all day.   This has also fueled my workouts, which I am still managing to do once a day (that exercise pill will keep the SAD head above water, I promise you) thanks to my sister and her wife, who gifted me with three months of a health club membership for my Christmas present.  When Dr. Drugs said he’d never seen a more supportive family than mine, well, that fucker wasn’t even kidding.  I feel  very supported and VERY grateful for my health club membership.  On the shittiest days, I can still go sweat it out.  Even just getting really hot is good for SAD, I think.

Today I will shop for my Secret Santa gift. Our family has given up getting each other gifts in favor of each of us buying one Secret Santa gift, and then we have this all-out war of a gift exchange, where you pick a gift under the tree, but the person after you can steal it from you if they like it, and someone can steal it from them, etc.  It is super-mean yet super-fun and it motivates everyone to get a pretty slammin’ gift.  I am going to fill my Boy Scouts Limited Edition Denver Broncos Popcorn tin with all sorts of excellent Broncos paraphernalia.  It should be the hit of the day.  Hopefully people won’t come to blows over it.  Well, it could go either way.  It might be fun to see my brothers rolling around on the floor trying to pry that tin from each other’s hands.  Hey!  A little hair-pulling never hurt anyone.  And what are we modeling for the next generation?  The kids do their own Secret Santa exchange too.  Fortunately this will be on December 27.  I return the 26th.  So I get to miss Christmas, and any accompanying nastiness that may come with the traditional family holiday (always happens).  I will just swoop in for the fun.  GOD I am so proud of myself for figuring out how to do Christmas RIGHT this year!!!  I will be drunk on the beach Christmas day, while everyone here is eating ham and scalloped potatoes.  Which is totally overrated.

Now if I could just figure out something fun for New Year’s. I am tired of staying home to avoid the drunks on the road.  I have heard that Cards Against Humanity is the funnest and raunchiest game ever.  Not sure if my family could handle it though.  I am the funnest and raunchiest person in my family, by FAR!  Maybe I should just start a Meetup called “Fun and Raunchy People” and play the game there.  Now there’s a thought.  I don’t know though.  People might think it’s a Swingers group.  That might be awkward . . .

Ok people let’s make this a great week! Only TWELVE shopping days left until Christmas!  Me?  Don’t worry about lil’ ol’ me.  Just send cash. 🙂  Peaches!

27 thoughts on “There’s Snow In The Air, But Sun In My Heart

      • You cutie! I will stay with the blogs!!!!
        I LOVED Twitter; I loved it lots more than Freakbook, but some negative tweets triggered me too much lately. Even all the great tweets that I read every day weren’t enough for me to just let it go; it was the Universe telling me to take a Twit-cation! I’ll be back there and I will let you know when, my precious, funny, wacky, brilliant, creative sweet peach!

      • Oh sugar buns of love, I’m sorry there was shit-slinging on twittie! I didn’t know that. What the fuck is up with people?? Don’t they know we’re fragile???? Shiiiiitttttttt… Well stay here then. You know, really the only shitty, shitty comment I ever got on my blog was from my own sister!! Of course I didn’t give that bitch the pleasure of publishing it. But I’m glad it stays pretty positive around here.

      • Actually, the last straw that did it for me wasn’t even shit-slinging exactly. It was a a tweet from a non-profit organization that I’ve totally promoted whenever possible and that I’ve admired. This group claims to help women with postpartum mental illness, and they do! They are amazing! BUT last week they announced on Twitter that they were promoting a woman’s book (and supporting her book event by attending it, I think) that has the a message of shaming mothers for taking meds for mental illness!!!!!! It was a big WTF moment for me; I asked the organization why they were supporting her book/message, and they gave me a bullshit answer, as did she. Fuck them!

  1. I am just so so so so jealous and happy for you at the same time. I have been totally abusing my sunlamp, myself…my psychiatrist said, well, maybe 20 minutes twice a day. This thing has been cranking probably two hours in the morning and three in the evening…yeehaw!! 😀

      • The first time I played it I was living in England and there was so much political themed humor (humour!) that I missed, but when I played it in the states it was pretty awesome.

        Although it’s the kind of awesome that once you’ve played it for 30 minutes your face hurts from laughing so much and you kind of want the pain to stop, but everyone keeps playing it because it’s so funny and the strain of having to keep laughing starts wearing on everyone until you’re all so zombiefied from the humor that you can no longer tell the difference between comedy and tragedy.

        But it’s still awesome.

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