Christmas Love Parade

This Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, has started a love parade that you absolutely MUST read (and then hopefully hop aboard)!  It is here:  I swear to GOD if you read that blog and some of the comments and don’t start to cry, well, I don’t know what I will do.  IT’S JUST THAT GOOD.  I turned in some full-blown sobs, snot and EVERYTHING.  So I dare you, in fact I DOUBLE-DOG-DARE you to read that blog and try not to cry.  You just can’t do it!  And then do something good.  And then report back.  HUGS!!!!!


P.S.  This is me reporting back…I donated to Project Night Night.  It’s all my budget would allow but fuck I feel good knowing some little homeless kid is gonna get a blankie, book and stuffie from me.  YEAH, BITCHES!!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Love Parade

  1. Okay, I’ll read the love parade blog thing!!! I’ll check it out & report back…

    She had a GINORMOUS turnout here in Santa Cruz – no surprise, right? and she posted a cute photo to her Twitter feed of her with two fans and a dead squirrel tea cozy they made for her!! Did you see that photo?


  2. Okay, I checked her post out and read some comments too & the photo also killed me!!!!! I got a lump in my throat – I’m cried out from my friend dying Monday night, you see.

    You are WONDERFUL to donate to Project Night Night!!!! And Jenny Lawson – wow – I’m just so inspired by her after checking that out; she wrote just a little bit about how she donated (it was generous!!!!!!!) and she didn’t have to do that, nor start this tradition, you know?

    I just donated to some causes and am tapped out, honey, but if things change I’ll donate to Project Night Night. XOXOXOXOX

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