Snow Day!

Well that three inches we were supposed to get today has turned into a foot of snow, so far. It is still snowing.  I was having an awesome dream this morning that I had a robot (in my dream it was just called a bot) and it could drive me around and everything so I could just take a snooze in the passenger seat.  I was rudely awakened from this awesome dream by the pitter-patter of little feet upstairs.  What is this?  I thought.  Did someone miss their carpool ride?  I ran upstairs and my niece and nephew yelled “Snow Day” with glee.  I’m so glad it’s such a source of happiness for the little ones.  They have walked over to their Aunt’s house, my sister, who is a teacher, because she always makes cookies on snow days.  Meanwhile I am here at home, wondering what the FUCK I am going to do all day at home.  The good shit?  No, I’m all out.  Shit!  I’m even out of milk and yogurt, two staples of my diet.  And protein powder!  I am a smoothie fanatic.  I could walk to the grocery store, but that shit is DEEP!!  It might even go over the top of my boots.  Driving in this seems ill-advised, even in a four-wheel drive.  I may have to break down and walk to the store, just to break up the day.  I can hit the marijuana store too, if those losers managed to get in and open it.  They are not known for their stellar service.  What can you expect from a bunch of stoners?

The back of my brain just keeps chanting, four more days, four more days!!! Four more days until I am in Florida, where I can walk on the soft, powdery sand, in the warm water, looking for shells, swimming in the water, scaring myself that a shark is next to me, adrenaline pumping all the while, fuck that just increases the workout value!  If you never hear from me again after Saturday, it’ll be a pretty safe bet that a shark ate me.  But sharks almost NEVER eat people in Florida.  I should be good.

Today seems like a good day for some adult coloring. Adult coloring is different from kids’ coloring because they’re generally just awesome designs or shapes to color, and it’s not done with babyish crayons, but with awesome frosty colored pens.  I love the colors and I love the precision and trying to do it perfectly.  It’s  very mentally soothing.  I highly recommend it for those of you who haven’t tried it.  Don’t be embarrassed!  It’s a thing now!  There’s books, even at fucking Walmart for God’s sake!  So know that it’s “ok” to do.  Plus, I said so.

Well, maybe I’ll go get dressed. So much to do, so little time.  Haha, big lie.  But getting dressed seems like the thing to do at almost-noon.  I’m such an achiever!  Hope your day is fantastical, whatever life (and the weather) throws at you!  Peaches to yer Papa!!

7 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. I loved this post – the image of stoners going in the super-deep snow to open the store cracked me up!!!! it’s pretty amazing that you’ll be going from one extreme environment to another.

    I keep seeing the coloring books everywhere too, and I’ve heard rave reviews from my friend/blogger extraordinaire Kitt O’Malley. I might try buying/coloring one at Tahoe! Mentally soothing? Um, yes please! And it’s fat-free!

    You’re going to have an ***amazeballs*** time in Florida, and I hope you’ll share some of your adventures with us!!!!!!!!

  2. omg, you’re hilaaaarious hahaha ” I can hit the marijuana store too, if those losers managed to get in and open it. They are not known for their stellar service. What can you expect from a bunch of stoners? ” hahahahahahah lol lol… hahahahah… i couldn’t stop laughing. i’m gurgling like a baby… lol

  3. I wondered if you were heading back to Florida! I still think you’re the bravest of the brave when you first went there last year. Gosh, a year! Gone by so quickly. And, uh, since you said its okay, I’ll start colouring in the book I bought a few months ago….

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