Back From The Beach, Feeling Like A Bitch!

Dec 2015

Did you even know I was away? Well I WAS!  At the BEACH!  In FLORIDA!  And it was SPECTACULAR!!!  It was a one-week reprieve from the wicked Seasonal Affective Disorder I suffer from.  It was like magic!  Andddddd I came home to 16°, grey skies, snow on the ground, snow on my car, and so help me Jeebus, I didn’t cry, but I wanted to!  BAD!  Now I am fighting a Level 11 out of 10 bad fucking attitude and I don’t know what to do to get out of it.  I am sitting in front of the therapy light 1-2 hours per day and working out every day and still pretty much hating life.  DAMN this fucking cold weather!!  So help me GOD this is the LAST winter I spend in Colorado, I SWEAR!

To counteract that last paragraph, here are some positive things: 1.  I had a great Christmas in Florida, spent several hours at the beach, and swam in the ocean.  2.  We had a Christmas cookout and only one of my friend’s friends got drunk enough to ask me to pop out a boob.  Not too bad.  (Boob not popped)  3.  Upon return, the family Christmas #2 celebration on 12/27 went off without Dad losing his shit even once.  4.  I still have these awesome henna tattoos on my hands that make me look like a bad bitch!  These were done in Florida of course and they’re my souvenir.  Especially when I work out and have a t-shirt on, I feel like a beast, but in a good way.  5.  I met a sizzling-hot giant guy (I fucking love giants) at a party in Florida and it reminded me that I LOVE MEN and sort of put into perspective that I’m not an old lady yet, and I need to get my dating game back on point.  SO!  On to 2016 with a little bit of hope and a bit of a focus on where I want to go in the next year.  Which is, basically, fitness and fucking.  Ok!  Have a day.  Let me know how you are!

17 thoughts on “Back From The Beach, Feeling Like A Bitch!

  1. I am right there with ya, although the sunlamp is probably on for a good five hours a day. 🙂 Freaking gray weather, I tell ya! (and yeah, all that sunlamping it probably isn’t helping the rapid cycling, but I take great pleasure in not just being a 9 out of 10 depressed all winter. 😀

  2. Oh honey, I hope you’re feeling better today, at lest a little bit – I’m proud of you for doing the light therapy (I’m using my SUNBOX/SINBOX this very minute!)
    I’m fucking freezing as I type this; our fireplace doesn’t cut it, we have no fancy-ass central heating, and I can barely feel my fingers! :0

    Your post made me laugh (WITH you, not at you!) as usual!!! I love ya girl, hope you get to enjoy fitness, fucking and much more good stuff this year!!!! XOXOOXXOOXXOXOXO

  3. If I didn’t already love your style of writing before, you would have had me at “fitness and fucking!” I actually laughed out loud which felt really nice, so thank you. So glad about Florida for you though. It sounded lovely…and yes, I’m both envious and jealous.

  4. Lol on your goals for the year!! Mine are like the opposite- Laziness and contact avoidance!

    I get Seasonal Affective Disorder pretty bad too- Barcelona has been a real treat for me- I’m almost always somewhere grey for the winter. Taking vitamin D3 really helped a lot, but not completely for sure… At LEAST being somewhere grey and cold makes for good cuddling and reading times! Here I’m suffering from “I SHOULD be doing something” anxiety that I don’t have in cold areas. Sigh, always a problem!

    Anyhow, glad your trip was great! Hope you get through the rest of the winter with not too much stress!!

    • I saw on one of my past Facebook posts for this day I said “Only sixty-eight days until Spring!” and I about PUKED!!! Sixty eight more days of doing this???? Oh how I envy you in Barcelona, how sweet is that??? Well I guess we all have to live one day at a time, eh? Spank!

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