Snot, Cough, Sleep. Repeat.

Being sick sucks!  Big-time!  For us Bipolars or Depressed Persons, it can cause a resurgence in our mental health symptoms as well.  For me, I tend to get very mental whenever I run a fever, losing all perspective and going straight to suicidality.  Fortunately, this flu doesn’t feature a fever, or if it does, my daily dose of meloxicam (all day painkiller) is counter-acting it, because I haven’t gone completely mental, for which I am grateful.  I have pretty much calmly accepted that all I can do is lay in bed, cough, blow out snot, and sleep.  Not too much eating, maybe a light snack per day, and no coffee or light therapy.  Just sleep.  Knocked on your ass much?  Why yes, yes I have been.

Because I am an asshole, I remember having a fleeting thought last week that “I wish I could get sick so that I could check out of life for a couple of days.”  I KNOW!!  Totally assholian!!!  So, on the off chance, or the maybe-chance, or the probable-chance that I can create these things with my thoughts, let me state loud and proud a few more wishes that I’d like to bring into reality:  1.  I wish I’d come into roughly one million dollars (Dr. Evil voice);  2.  I wish I’d meet a hundilyicious hunkety-hunk of a man who fuckin’ LOVES me;  3. I wish I’d lose twenty five more pounds and keep it off.  Not much, eh?  I think these things can TOTALLY happen!

Well I feel like a new person, I just took a shower for the first time in….five days?  I know, don’t judge.  I was gross.  I am off to make my famous fruit-and-veggie smoothie, the cornerstone of my healthy diet.  Hey, let me know how the hell YOU are, eh?  Peach to the outs, homies!


12 thoughts on “Snot, Cough, Sleep. Repeat.

  1. You poor thing!! I’m glad you were feeling strong enough to take a shower – that’s a sign that you’re on the mend. I hope your smoothie was yummy – I wish you could send it through the computer to me so I could have some! Glad to see you posting, as I needed my dose of Bipolar on Fire! And pretty please with smoothie on top, don’t overdo it, because I know it’s tempting once you return to the “Land of the Living”!!!! XOXOXOXO

  2. Sorry you’re so down and out sick. I was there just a few weeks ago and it was hell. Worst part for me is that I work from home so all of my colleagues and customers still expect me to work even when I feel like shit. To them, I’m still at the office and my customers don’t know I work from home. I actually left the house to go to the movies even though I was very sick just to get away from “the office.”

  3. Okay we are like so similar sometimes and so opposite others it’s hilarious. I have a lot of over-sensitivity and auto-immune issues that brings on a lot of depression for me. Like I don’t like lots of things touching me, bright lights, almost any human made smell, etc… But when I’m sick LIFE IS AWESOME! Like my body is too busy dealing with actual sickness so it stops sending me signals that everything else around me is bad. So whenever I’m sick I’m like ready to go do things and just hanging around super happy. It cracks my boyfriend up.

    Fruit and veggie smoothie yay! Hope you get better soon!!

    PS- I’m on day 6 of no shower so you’re seeming pretty clean to me!

    • HAHA I LOVE you for not showering for six days!!!!! You’re my hero!!!! I wish I could enjoy my sickness but I am not functioning and I have been (up to now) exercising every day and I think that was keeping my head above water. Now I haven’t done it for a WEEK and I feel like a SLUG!!! I just want to get back to a routine!! Oh well…life throws shit at you and it’s all about how well you duck I guess….

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