Still So Snotty!

Wow, it’s been five days and I’m still the Snot Queen! Yahoo!  It’s good to be Queen.  Oops.  No.  Not of snot.  Well what the hell is going on?  I am sweating this new insurance I had to buy with the new year.  Am I insured?  Yes.  Or maybe no.  It depends on who you ask.  This is not very reassuring since I have prescriptions that are running out tomorrow and the refills would cost me oh, around $900 without insurance.  Yep.  That’s for generic fucking Abilify.  I told you that drug is my nemesis!!  It’s a devil drug company, but the shit actually works pretty good.  One of the few mood stabilizers that doesn’t have me eating the kitchen table, so I like it.  That, and I have a modicum of creativity back.  How the fuck do these things work?  How do so many of them steal the muse, and then one doesn’t?  It’s really a mind-fuck to me.  Are we just ultimately a set of chemical cocktails?  I tend to think so.  And my cocktail is good right now, baby.  Don’t fuck with it!  That’s what I’ll say to Dr. Drugs next week when I see him.  He is a fan of the “tweak”, whereas I am much more “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”  This is why we lock horns.  Sooner or later I fear he may fire me for being such an ass-pain.  In the meantime I’m gonna fight!  For the right!  To funnnnnnnnnction!

On the weather front, I’d say it’s between suck and suckaroo with about five inches of snow today. Driving with snowpacked roads and assholes with four wheel drives (I have a four wheel drive but in this one case I’m not an asshole) trying to pass on two lane roads if you’re driving cautiously.  I guess it’s time to go sit in front of the therapy light again and dream of warmer climes…nothing wrong with a little fantasy, right?  Hunky hunks and warmer climes are what I want!  All in good time….

Hope your day is fantastico, filled with good drugs, good human connections and a general lack of assholes! Peach out!

8 thoughts on “Still So Snotty!

  1. Ohmygod….you never fail to make me laugh out loud 😀 “I’m gonna fight! For the right! To funnnnnnnnnction!” A new release by Queen. Who knew? Sorry you’re still so full of snot. But on the bright side, at least you’re not full of shit…..? Just lurve you Peaches ((hugs))

    • You are so awesome!!! Woo! The fight continues!! Now I can’t get my drugs. “Little” snafu with the insurance company. They have my birth year as 2015. Dammit! The challenges they just keep a’ comin’! FUCKITY! Keep laughing, it’s better than crying 😀

  2. God, you really are a hoot and holler, my sweetness “One of the few mood stabilizers that doesn’t have me eating the kitchen table, so I like it” HA HA HA When I was in Tahoe, I couldn’t believe the dangerous fuckheads who drove like they had a death wish on the snowy, icy roads, and they didn’t care if they took us down too!

    Sadly both my children have heard many curse words and not the tamer ones either!

    Anyway, darlin’ hold your ground with El Shrinko! It’s usually the reverse where the patient wants to tweak, at least I thought so! He should be glad you are careful!

    I too agree with you about how we’re all chemical cocktails at the end of the day. Great minds truly think alike!!!!!

    keep us posted and good luck with all the stupid shit – at least you ARE creative and you ARE hilarious in spades, and you have great sense and that’s truly awesome and will see you through the petty bullshit. Keep dreaming of sunshine, lovely one!

  3. Thanks for making me laugh– especially about abilify not making you eat the kitchen table. Seroquel makes me eat everything and I’m on both drugs– I want to get down to just the abilify.

    • I am so glad you laughed!! This fucking weight gain can so often make us cry 😦 it is a major bitch to deal with drug-induced weight-gain, and trying to take off the weight. I don’t know why people think that if you take away the drug, the weight will fall off. I am working my ASS off to take off the 33 lbs I gained. It’s hard to find that balance, but I’m grateful-uber grateful!-that the Abilify has brought me out of the hole AND doesn’t cause me to gain weight.

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