I Am… An F5 Tornado

There’s No Way In Hell I Could Resist Reposting A Blog Called ‘Bipolar Bitch Uncensored Writers” – It’s Like Magic!

I'm just a girl in the world

imageDo you ever feel like you are the source of everyone’s pain and frustration? Like you and your illness driven behaviors make life miserable, not only for yourself, but everyone in your path? Especially for those closest to you?

I do. I feel like an F5 tornado that destroys everything it passes by. Those unfortunate enough to get a close look at this incredible force of nature are torn to shreds because of the ferocity of the emotions behind the storm… The racing thoughts and paranoid thinking. The over-analytical beast that is my very being and the anger that drives this perfect storm to cause all of this destruction. All around me carnage lies…

These thoughts bring me here, to two, little words. Two of the most powerful words on the planet, in my humble opinion.

I Am.

What comes after these words defines and shapes you. It is and…

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