The Curse Of Loving Things

Ever since I moved out of my own place in September of 2014, I have had a storage unit. Shortly after that move, I went to Florida for the Winter of 2014/15.  Upon my return, I moved in with my sister and her two kids, and then in August of 2015 she moved to a new house, which has a finished  basement with a living room, bedroom and bathroom for me.  I moved a lot of my belongings out of storage into this area, but I still have a lot in storage, furniture that wouldn’t fit, books, camping supplies, and all of my kitchen stuff.  With my financial future so uncertain, I’d really like to stop paying the hefty monthly fees for storage.  It comes to about $1,500 per year, which is a lot when you think about it.  My problem is that I am so attached to my possessions.  Moreover, if I get rid of my kitchen supplies, it’s like giving up on ever having a place of my own again.  I have so many mixed feelings, because I do have a small nest egg that I hope to use on building a tiny house someday, in which case I would need to pare down my possessions to the bare minimum.  What is the solution to this attachment to possessions?  I’m so afraid of feeling empty without them, or regretting getting rid of them.  But my only chance at independence is likely having a tiny house, that I could pay cash for, and then support myself on very little monthly money.

My independence is very important for me. Right now, the living situation I’m in is one of interdependence.  I help my sister with her mortgage payment, and I help her with the upkeep of the house and with the kids.  But there’s NO WAY I will do another winter in Colorado, due to the wicked Seasonal Affective Disorder I suffer from.  I absolutely must come up with a solution that allows me to go to Florida for the winters.  I feel like my life literally depends on it.  I feel like I see the solution clearly, but I have all these messy feelings that are getting in the way of executing it.  I don’t want to get stuck, or stay stuck, and end up here for another winter.  I need to start taking actions now to guarantee a different outcome next winter.

I guess ultimately my journey begins with a single step. Start going through storage.  Start parting with some of the stuff.  Sell what I can.  Get creative with selling stuff.  Try not to get killed by a craigslist killer.  Maybe hold up some people from Craigslist for their cash, I don’t know.  I’m just throwing ideas out there.  This week, I’m going to try.  I’m just saying I’m going to try some stuff, rather than just thinking about it.  For me, that’s actually monumental.  I get so stuck in my thoughts, swirling round and round and round, that to step out of the swirl and do something is kind of novel.  So here, I will begin.  I’ll be back to cry, I’m sure.  I’ll let you know :).



18 thoughts on “The Curse Of Loving Things

  1. That is hard. I had to get rid of my storage a year ago, so I packed as much as I could into my new place. It took a long time to get rid of stuff, sell stuff (still doing that on-line) and looking for storage in the house itself. But, I look up on for tips or website where they have tips on that and one of them that stuck out to me was parting with something and telling it thanks or something, like thank you for bein a part of my life but I don’t need you anymore. Like, they’ve done their part and it’s time to move on. Or, you can do what I did. I have my first bouquet of flowers from my Boyfriend and I can’t toss it. I just can’t. I cant do it. So, I just got all the petals and they’re still here in a paperbag but I’m going to hot glue them into an art book. I hope this helps… And also, the incentive of getting to keep almost 2k a year is enough for me to lose the storage all together. AND, treat yourself to new stuff 😉

    • Ugh! I was going to sell my books on Amazon but apparently it ain’t like it used to be, now it costs forty bucks a month to be an Amazon seller! Dang it! I don’t think I could even GET forty bucks for my books. Down to donating them, what a dragola….

  2. Yes, “things” are hard to get rid of, especially when they symbolize things like our independence. Dang, this is hard. If anyone can do it, though, you can! I have the faith! ❤

    • You are awesome to say that. I am getting mighty motivated. Something about saying it out loud makes it real and now I’m like, “I gotta get rid of all this shit!” I think it’s gonna be a relief. It’s cold and snowy today so I’m giving myself a pass on going to the storage unit, but nothing says I can’t go through my belongings here at home. I have storage here too. Doh! Accountability!!

  3. Being in a similar situation myself in so many ways….I’m not sure what to honestly tell you. I’m clinging on to stuff myself. Because I feel there will come the day I won’t be here and I don’t want to be without my stuff.

    • But what does the stuff really get you? Really? It can’t hug you, not really. I mean, my ass enjoys spreading on the couch, but….there’s so much stuff that I probably wouldn’t miss if I just let it go…it’s the illusion that it ties me to someone I loved, or a special time of life. Both gone.

  4. Go bravely into storage and beyond. When I divorced I left with just my clothes and my bed (and I stole the fridge) – no cutlery, crockery, curtains, towels etc. It was daunting. But I have grown to love living simply. So much less cleaning, less clutter. And my mind seems less cluttered. Simple. I read “simple is the new black”. Now go forth and conquer 🙂

  5. During one of my melt down phases, I blew off paying my storage unit bill and ended up losing it all. [sort of weird to think some person made a bid and took possession to all of my stuff] Aside from a few sentimental items, at the time I just shrugged my shoulders. There was a certain freedom for me to not have any more things than I could fit into my Outback. Of course, when I moved into my own apartment, it just this empty space with some garbage bags with clothes, and some boxes of books.

    • I often wonder what would happen if I just gave all that shit up. But I kinda went through that when I lost a house. And it was painful as hell. The loose ends that I never got to tie. So I guess I should clean it up. And this week and next week it’s nice weather so I better get to work 😛

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