I Got Sixteen Inches

Of snow. You dirty birds!!  What were you thinking??  Well that bastard Old Man Winter has come back to remind us what month it is, and what a bitch slap of a beginning to February!  I had an appointment today with Dr. Drugs – cancelled it.  When there’s over a foot of snow on my car I automagically get a pass from doing anything.  That’s just how it is!  The car ain’t movin’!  My ass moved, a little, for a walk to the grocery store, and I was disappointed to see that the main streets are clear.  The only reason my ass moved, is that this year I discovered something so incredible, so life-changing, it *almost* makes winter bearable!  That something is fleece-lined leggings.  I wear them every day!  I wear them under my pajamas!  I’m so sexy!  They are my second skin.  If there were a fleece-lined catsuit, complete with hood, I’d wear it.  Hmmm….. am I a good enough sewer (person who sews, not the place where you flush your shit to) to pull this off?  Probably not… But shit!  You don’t know me!  Why can’t I LIE???  Yeah, I’m gonna make me up six colors of fleece-lined hooded catsuits.  Stripes!!  Sequins!!!  Fur!!!!!  Everyone will be so jealous!  There.  That’s my story.

So, I will have to go for a makeup appointment tomorrow with Dr. Drugs.  I’m not doing that hot, I have the blahs in the worst way and am struggling to function.  But if I tell him that again, he might make some change to my medication that I don’t like.  So, I might just lie.  Am I the only one who lies to doctors?  It’s a delicate balance to strike, between “Oh I’m in the shits” and “Oh, please don’t hospitalize me”.  Isn’t the whole “Fake it ‘till you make it” strategy basically the same as lying?  Well I’m gonna Fake It ‘Till I Make It out of the appointment tomorrow.  Then I can go back home and hide in my bed.  For six more weeks.  Holy frijole I’m depressing MYSELF!  I gotta get back to being in the moment, like, yesterday!  (Get it?)  Ok.  I have today.  Today I ate right and took my medicine and sat in front of my light and exercised.  All the right things.  Now I’m connecting with you.  I will let tomorrow take care of itself.  See?  Fixed.

14 thoughts on “I Got Sixteen Inches

  1. I ❤ Walgreen's fleece-lined leggings! They are even suitable for ballet class!

    Also, this post illuminated the reason that winter is a man. Only a man could be as concerned with having more inches/centimeters/whatever than the competition (I suppose in this case, that's All The Winters of History).

  2. You are so wise and witty. Yes, I lie. I lie all day. I lie to myself, I lie to co-workers and OF COURSE I lie to my doc. Its like, one of our symptoms. But good for you for taking your meds, exercising (you need a huge reward for that) and doing your light therapy. If that’s all you do everyday until winter is over, then you’ve knocked the shit outta it. You are a winner who got 6 inches and some fleece-lined leggings. YOU RULE 😀

  3. It gets butt-ass cold here so I’d LOVE me some fleece-lined leggings, girl! Even in the summer (75 – 80 degrees outside) our home remains cold inside! I’m so glad you feel in love with your fleece leggings.

    Hopefully-hopefully-hopefully it WILL be your last winter there!

    As far as lying to the psychiatrist goes, BEEN THERE DONE THAT! Sometimes that’s what needs to happen! But I hate lying as it ups my already-terrible anxiety. SuX!

    You crack me up – you SEWER!!!!!!
    (Not the poopy kind!)

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