WTF. Let’s Be Great!


I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately, with the tags Bipolar or Bipolar Disorder. Let me tell you, with few exceptions, this damn wintertime is really roughing up us Bipolars.  I’m seeing out of control mania, constant cycling, deep depression, suicidal ideation, and psychosis.  This is a time for us to pull together as a group to support each other, whether it’s reading new blogs, hitting Like, and commenting.  I can say for myself that there is such great comfort in hearing someone say that they’ve experienced the same thing I’m going through, or they know exactly what I mean.  I have experienced such incredible kindness and support through blogging on WordPress.  I’d just like to ask everyone, if you can, to turn it up a notch right now, and really try to connect with our fellow writers.  This group of us has such great power for good.  Let’s be great for each other!  Peace!  (aka Peaches!)

18 thoughts on “WTF. Let’s Be Great!

  1. I am having so much trouble right now, feeling awful. I hope you are doing well. Good idea to look at and comment on blogs. And I so agree with you, I have people commenting on my blog with such kind, helpful comments as well. Thank you Peaches! And hugs.

    • OMG I feel the same way!! It’s so good I don’t own a gun….I’d go shoot up the offices of United Healthcare, the shittiest insurance company ever. And I’ve just been so AGITATED, I can hardly stand myself!! Life has definitely NOT been going my way. DAMN YOU, LIFE!!

  2. So true about the support. And I have to say, I’ve been making a concerted effort to follow new people simply because of the support I received in one of my darkest hours. Kindness and caring cost nothing, but go a long, long way. I must say I feel really bad for you guys in the throes of winter, when down south its summer and we’re complaining about the heat and humidity and lack of rain. I think I need to be more grateful

    • Gratitude is a great principle to practice, I think. I think it’s saved me in the past, in some really dark times, to focus on what I’m grateful for, just to get me through. And when I look at people who seem to be generally happy, like one of my sisters, she’s pretty grateful just naturally. Or maybe she practices it. I don’t know. But they seem to go together. Happiness and gratitude.

  3. I totally noticed that people have been struggling more than usual, including yours truly!

    I do the same thing as you – I read the new blogs with the tag of bipolar & also bipolar disorder. It’s one of my habits these days and I usually do it daily. (I also check out “postpartum depression” and “memoirs”)

    I try, as much as I can, to welcome new bloggers who have bipolar with a “like” and a brief comment of welcome. I feel good doing it too. Love that you feel the same way and that you’re encouraging us more seasoned bloggers to go for it.

    Good karma for all! XOXOXOXOXOXOOXO

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