My Booty Is A Measure Of My Mental Health

So I got to thinking today, as I rode the damn recumbent bike for forty minutes, wearing my shit-colored glasses…that all this work day in and day out is really chiseling down the ol’ booty. Could it be that the better I am mentally….the better my ass is?  I mean, I have Super-SAD, a new variant of SAD I have identified that means it’s extra-sucky.  So I totally have an attitude every time it snows, the temperature goes below 40°, and/or the sky is grey.  I’m basically constantly on the verge of being a very hot mess, but I’m still exercising!  Every day!  Even though I cuss myself out as I drive to the gym, because I don’t FEEL like it!  But this “Feel Like Shit But Do The Right Thing Anyway” dynamic is brand-new to me, and I think it *may* mean that I’m getting a little better!

Then my brain went BAZINGA! You had a great ass when you were manic as hell! JUST RUINED A GREAT THEORY.  God damn it!  But you know what, I still had to kind of go with it, because who can mess with a title like this one?  It’s just too good!  I find saying something extremely stupid, extremely seriously to be extremely gratifying.

I have to remind you of my post the other day and say, Let’s Be Great and keep participating in our little blogosphere.  So many great people out there!  Disjointedly, BPOF!

15 thoughts on “My Booty Is A Measure Of My Mental Health

  1. You are so hilarious!!!!!!
    You read my Dr. Mohammad Alsuwaidan stuff, right? About how awesome it is for bipolar’s sake to work out every day, let alone your booty! In any case I’m super proud of you, girl!

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