Facebook, Why You Gotta Do Me Like That?


I don’t know about anybody else, but Facebook makes me feel like SHIT! It used to be like, oh!  My friends!  I can keep up with them and how they’re doing!  Now it has devolved into a mess of fucking memes (just because it’s a meme, doesn’t make it true), people trying to make their life look perfect, and people trying to be gurus.  You know that old adage, comparing other people’s outsides with your insides?  Well, it’s an adage to me.  Comparing other people’s outsides with my insides makes me feel like a LOSER!  I am not out living the fabulous life!  I’m not out having wine in Napa Valley, at the opening of a play, laying out in Hawaii or Mexico (but you can bet your ass I will post Florida beach pictures every fucking day I’m there) or meeting the President or a Kardashian (those fuckers are EVERYWHERE!).  I also am not living the dream like all those fucking memes say I should be.  I’m just living this little Bipolar life, trying to get through each day with some tiny accomplishment, maybe showering, exercising, or writing a blog post, and that is not sexy or Facebook-postable.  When did people stop being real and start with the shit show on Facebook?  I don’t know.  Maybe in 2012. But I keep reading it and it keeps making me feel like shit!!  Who’s the dumbshit now??


I have deleted Facebook off my phone countless times, only to add it back two hours later. I’m addicted!  What IS it??  I have to admit I DO watch those quickie recipe videos, they’re like fucking magic!  Poof!  That might be the only good thing.  Or, Demaryius Thomas.  Ok, I love him.  He’s just so beautiful!  Other than recipe videos and Demaryius Thomas, Facebook is sucking my will to live, just a little.  Let’s just rename it MemeBook!  I’m sick of memes!  I made these two special memes, just for you, to illustrate how stupid they really are.  I hope you enjoy them and I hope you have a fantastic weekend. GO BRONCOS!!!!!

43 thoughts on “Facebook, Why You Gotta Do Me Like That?

  1. I have no social media accts now, they mess with my head too much. Everyone trying to hard to prove their lives are perfect, and I was far too guilt of over sharing how shit I was feeling. I also felt like seeing everyone’s pretend lives, made me feel even more different. I deactivated my acct about 2 1/2 years ago and it’s the best thing I ever did. I must admit I do get left out of a lot of things and don’t know what’s going on in half my friends lives anymore as everything is done through Facebook these days but generally I feel a lot head healthier without it.

    • Oh, I wish I had your strength!! I truly believe I’d be better off without Facebook. I waste a crazy amount of time on it and it doesn’t really bring me anything good. What did we do before Facebook? A lot more shit, I think….

      • I loved the days when we didn’t have all these electronic gadgets- remember when you wanted to see your friend you knocked on their door or called them on the phone. Now it’s all texts and snapchats. Bring back the old days I say 🙂

      • Yep, when you had to swap the phone from ear to ear because it got too hot. I think social media has a lot to answer for, I actually think it should be called I social media because I think it’s stopped people being social. Even on nights out everyone is more concerned with taking selfies to show everyone what a good time they are having, but really they are all sat on FB checking in or checking up on where everyone else is. It makes me sad. I feel a blog post coming on lol X

      • It’s true!! When you’re out with people, or in with people, and they can’t get off their phone…it’s just fucking stupid. And yes I remember I used to take these longggg baths, like, hours long, and just talk to my friends, damn, that was back when I used to have a normal social life. Shiiiiittttttttt.

  2. Scientific studies have proven that Facebook is bad for our health. It’s not the memes, It is the false appearance that everyone else is living the perfect life, just as you said. Studies have also shown that if we post we are going to go do something. I’m joining a gym! All of the positive reenforcement we receive from our friends is enough chemical release that we don’t actually follow through and keep our commitment to ourselves.

    And, lastly, I apologize, but I had to Pin your dreams meme on Pinterest. Just yesterday I created a board called My Favorite Memes. Please don’t hate me now!

    • I LOVE that you pinned my meme!! WOW!! But…what about the poop meme? Isn’t it special? haha jk. I like what you’re saying and I totally believe you. I need to go to a Facebook recovery group, I think! 😀

      • I don’t think I’ll ever go as far as Tim’s Wife (what is her real identity… hmm) of deleting my account. But I don’t let it fuck me over either. I know everyone’s life is as difficult to them as mine is to me (Lord, I’m saying that because I am praying it’s true!!!!) and that our struggles are real but different. We all need a place that we can review our life the way we want it to be as opposed to how it really is. And that, is Facebook.

      • But I really think my life may have been better BEFORE Facebook. I think I may have been more connected to people. All this online shit keeps me from connecting in real life. That’s just me.

      • I don’t blame Facebook. I blame the Internet. I know life for all of us was better before we became addicted to more, more, more, now, now, now, faster, faster, faster. We were truly and honestly connected with people. We were actively engaging in our lives. Technology has definitely put a barrier between communication. Walk into an airport any day of the week and look around at everyone sitting at the gates. Are they engaging one another about their excitement over this trip? Are they talking to their fellow passengers about why they’re going to wherever? No, they are almost all on their electronic devices. Some of us (me) might have a book in hand to read, but basically everyone is isolating. And isolation kills. If you don’t believe me, read my post about it.

  3. Ha, this is me! I haven’t been able to use Facebook for more than 10 minutes since my last mania. Probably because I made a fool of myself on there with all of my ranting. But also because I can’t stand to see how wonderful everyone is doing when I have nothing at all to post about. It sounds petty, but it’s true. Just looking at Facebook gives me anxiety.

  4. God, I hate social media. I feel your pain. I don’t think I’ve posted anything on my personal Facebook page in over two years. It’s all ridiculous. I need to just delete it, but I have trouble lol. I especially hate the people who post every morning to tell everyone they are at the gym. Nobody fucking cares. Ahhh. Go Panthers!

  5. Yeah, I remember when FB was about keeping in touch with friends. I still use it for that, case in point we’re going to a BBQ tomorrow that we wouldn’t have known about were it not for FB. But all my friends seem distant these days, like they think that just being ‘friends’ on FB is enough, there is no more work being put into maintaining interpersonal relationships.
    And I too hate the meme-tasticness it has become. I like your memes though, they encapsulate my feelings on memes perfectly. 🙂

    • You described it perfectly. Friends think that being fb friends is all the work you need to put into a friendship. It’s like everyone has gotten lazy…and thank you for liking my memes!! They’re the first I’ve ever made and I’m kinda psyched about it 😀

    • It’s a trick! Don’t fall for it!! Man what would life be like if everyone started telling the truth . . . I guess it’d be like a bunch of country songs playing. My car broke down, my husband left me, the sink is clogged . . .

  6. After two fucked-up bitches unfriended me within days of one another, I took that as a sign. (Remember my posts?? I wish I named one of them on my blog, because so many people think she’s great, but I took the high road!!!)

    But I guess I shouldn’t feel such hatred towards them because a) both are truly mentally ill and it’s the illness I hate more than who they are, and b) they did me a favorby unfriending me the way they did because that’s what it took for me to deactivate my Facebook account. I stayed off it for 6 or 7 months and it was SOOOOOO GOOOOODDD! I planned to return to it in 2017 only for the sake of my book page and nothing else, which is why I deactivated it rather than deleted it.

    The only reason I got back on was because of a HuffPost Women profile about some freaky bee-yotch who has bipolar disorder, – oh yeah, ME!!!!


    I wanted to reply to anyone who commented & to do that, FluffPost requires readers to use Freakbook. I hate that. I wish they used Disqus or anything but Foolsbook. It was a big mistake for me to return to FB.

    I like Twitter, as you know, but Facebook is another animal. It’s not a happy thing. I might have to take another break because I’m getting affected by it once again…….. XOXOOXOOOXOXOO

    • Oh DyDy, go ahead and say it!! NAME THOSE FUCKING BITCHES!!!!! This is a place where we let it allllllll hang out. Well I don’t give a shit. Unless it’s a heart-shaped shit. They’re stupid to unfriend my Dy. Fuck ’em! And people go read Dy-Dy’s HuffPost article! Amen!

      • Okay, one of them you don’t know – she’s old and she moved up to Washington state and doesn’t blog. The she-devil used to live 5 minutes away from me and she was depressed. We belonged to a neighborhood Facebook group that she was the moderator of, and then she was ousted! She reached out to me through Facebook messaging and seemed interested in communicating, and I was always encouraging to her. She opened up to me a bit about her depression. In her last message to me, she asked how I was doing. Then she turned 360 degrees and unfriended me – I didn’t do a damn thing to her. I ran into her at the coffee shop once, before I found out about the unfriending and it was our first IRL meeting. Brief-but-friendly. Later, when I discovered she unfriended me, I thought, “Whoa – what happened if I found out about that and then saw her at the coffee shop!!!” (I’m not being clear but you know what I mean!) You don’t do that to people you live near unless you have a damn good reason. She should have just unfollowed me or whatever. I’m glad she moved far away. #2 is Bravely Bipolar. If you like her/her blog, well, now you know she’s not all she claims to be. And while the thought of her turns my stomach, in the end she did me that favor of getting me off Freakbook for a while. Do you follow her blog?

      • I don’t think I know who Bravely Bipolar is. I’m not sure which blogs I follow, I don’t remember all the names. But that one doesn’t ring a bell. That’s weird how she unfriended you though. Did you ever ask her why? I can tell it really bothered you. People are weird.

      • Get this – she actually wrote me a Facebook message informing she was unfriending me, but she admitted she didn’t have a reason!!! She did the same thing to my friend. It was bizarre! I don’t need that shit – I don’t care if it was her bipolar talking — and get this, sweet Fiery Friend – she actually visited my blog and wrote some cheery “you’re great” comment AFTER she unfriended me. I deleted it. She needs to stay the fuck away from me. (Roar!)

      • This is why I say, people are weird. I’m sure people have unfriended me, because I have a big mouth, and I say whatever I want, and I have an in your face attitude about politics…I’m sure people have unfollowed me here for the same reason. But what the fuck? I’m not going to stop being me! And “me” is fucking OUT THERE! Some people like it, and some don’t. And that’s fine! So who knows why she did what she did. But you know you’re a loveable luv, right? So it’s all good!!!

      • I just stared at that one, I fell in shitty love with it, and I’ll admit to you here, for all to see….I was JEALOUS I didn’t come up with such genius!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I’m dead-serious! It’s one of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You are so awesome. I just thought today, how hard is it to make a meme? And it turns out, it’s super-easy!!! Now I can look like a guru with my bullshit sayings too! YEAH!!

      • You could turn it into a killer T-shirt and bumpersticker biz! LOL!!!!! Did you see the meme Blahpolar did of my dog???? It’s on my home page. I think you’re memely-gifted, so it’s okay to shift your views about it, hee hee! Embrace the meme!

      • You know, I posted the top meme on Facebook and I got ONE Like. One. So, I don’t know how “gifted” I am. I’m kind of an asshole, but maybe a little bit of a funny asshole. I don’t know if I can take it to the bank or not 😛

  7. I hate that I am hooked on FB. I have deleted it off my phone. But I still go on mobile browser to check it. I even started this blog so that I would have the same release I get from FB. However….totally not doing it. I say it is for the connection to my family. But yeah, I don’t think so.

  8. AMEN to that!! I hate Facebook. It’s more like FakeBook. I wish there was an alternate site where we could all join and be like, “today I spent my entire vacation fund on a new furnace, so no vacation for me in the next decade” or “my husband is driving me CRAZY today. I’m contemplating using his fishing poles for fire kindling.”

  9. Facebook is the worst. I don’t understand why people spend MOST of their days just continuously sharing shit no one cares about. Makes me seethe.

    • Yes, why share all the damn memes and shit that says “Type Amen” and threatening hell if you don’t do so? It boggles the mind. I just wish people would share real stuff. Not mindless shit!!

  10. I don’t have enough friends to have facebook. Apparently its a researched thing, that bipolar people have fewer friends on facebook. But alas *sighs* I just have no friends…. BY CHOICE, by choice… bipolar or no bipolar 🙂 I tried it but it annoyed me. My weekend – sit at home, write, watch tv, sleep = happy. Other people’s weekend – parties, horseriding, coffee at the shopping mall, scuba diving etc etc etc = made me feel inadequate. Soooooo…..delete 😀

    • I used to have wayyy more friends on FB, but then one day in a Bipolar funk, I decided that a bunch of those people weren’t my “real” friends and I unfriended them. It’s these weird funks that kind of sabotage me. But anyways, I did it, and now I have about half the friends. But truly some of them weren’t real friends. Oh well, FB is not good for me anyway. Most of it isn’t anyway 😉

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