Ode to Fuck-Because I Hate Valentine’s Day

GOD, I love the word FUCK!  Is there another more satisfying word in the English language?  Fuck!  You Fuckers!  And oh how I LOVE a good “Fuck you!”  Throughout my day I like to salt my language regularly with “What the fuck’s” and “Fuck this” ‘s and of course the indignant “Who the fuck do they think they are?” will inevitably burst out.  Ah fuck it’s just so soothing.  It’s a noun!  “Hey, you fuck!”  It’s a verb!  “Let’s fuck!”  It’s an adjective!  “He’s weird as fuck!”  It’s an adverb!  “You sure did that in a fuckly fashion!”.  But you can fucking see how versatile the word is, right?  OK.  I think I made my point!  Fuck!  I FUCKING LOVE YOU, FUCK!

23 thoughts on “Ode to Fuck-Because I Hate Valentine’s Day

  1. It’s is seriously one of my most favorite words ever – that and “shit”! Whenever I say them, I feel better!!!!!! Love this post, my lovely peach! I also am not a fan of tomorrow; I actually loathe most holidays except for the Most Important Day of the Year, i.e. Halloween!!!!!!

  2. Hahaha YES! The word that can be every part of speech. How versatile. Perhaps I will teach this to my English students tomorrow.

    Then again, maybe not. Lol. I’m sure they’ll learn it on their own someday.

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