Thank You For Your Kindness

My last post was from the heart, and also from the pit of despair.  Man oh man, did the Support Posse show up!!!  In droves!!  I don’t know how to express my gratitude to all of you for all of your advice, support, and incredible kindness.  Wow.  There are some really great people around here.  I am proud to know you all.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I hope I can return the favor.  I will try.

20 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Kindness

  1. Done nothing but think of you. Hope you felt the love. So glad to hear from you and that you’re ok. There’s no returning of favours. This is what we all do for one another – we support in times of need, we listen in times of doubt, we cheer in times of joy. You are so valuable and precious and I’m just so grateful to know you are here ❤

  2. I think where you are is where we’ve all been and there’s a comfort in that for both you and us. I think that this network of bipolars you’re creating is good for all of us speaks to the real truth of what it is to live with this illness. I commend you for your honesty, admire your bravery and love that you are turning toward the light. Yesterday i saw a double-rainbow and thought, “this is such a bipolar moment.” i hope you see a rainbow soon too. It reminded me how special it is to feel the way we do and to try to see it as a blessing to get to travel the road together.

  3. Sorry I wasn’t there for your last post, but I just read this one and last one. There’s nothing worse than that feeling that, “I probably won’t be alive until then…” Ugh. So terrifying and oddly comforting at the same time, but in a totally twisted way (one I’m guessing you can understand). I’m glad the blogging community stepped up and picked you up. They’re good for that, I’m discovering. This is a road that can’t be traveled alone, but so many people travel it in secret. Thanks for being brave enough to speak out. I’m glad you felt the love!

  4. One more for you!!! Adam is so pretty! Even prettier than Ryan Seacrest. Between the two of them, I bet they have about as twenty times as much makeup as I do. Randy Travis’ comment about men wearing nail polish etc. is too funny.

  5. Shopping at Costco makes me start to lose my faith in humanity, but the good people in the blogosphere always help to restore it. There’s lots of good folk out there.

    • Bradley! You don’t like Costco??? Holy moly I get some good deals there 😉

      The great people here really are a different slice of humanity though huh. It’s a secret society of niceness 🙂

  6. Oh no, I love Costco. We do most of our shopping there. It’s all the people who are willing to run you down that makes me lose faith. Heaven forbid I be near one of those sample tables.

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