An Open Letter To Meme Posters


Dear Meme Posters,

I get that you like your memes. I get that they say something.  BUT A MEME IS NOT A BLOG POST!!!  I know, I know, I’m going to piss some people off.  But when I click on your post, I WANT TO READ SOMETHING FROM YOU.  Not just some damn meme!!!  If all I wanted to do was read a meme, I’d go to Facebook!  Look, I like you!  I like to hear from you and what’s going on with you.  Please, tell me something!  Don’t just post a meme!  It’s like, seeing a delicious pizza set in front of you, and all you get to do is smell it!  Not fair!  Follow up that meme with some deliciousness!

Now please don’t unfollow me.

Your friend, Bipolar On Fire

35 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Meme Posters

  1. You are packed with peachy goodness!!! I promise to never just memespam you, I will give you lots of rambling to accompany any meme! p.s. LOVE THIS POST and I will never, NEVAH unfollow you!!!!!!! If I do that it means I need an intervention of some kind!!!!!!!

      • I’m rethinking this. I was going to say that if they can’t come up with anything to say that they should just not post for the day, however I’ve just posted videos before. Is that the same?

      • I guess it’s up to you. To me it’s just lazy. This is a BLOGGING site people, write a blog!!! I know I’m going to piss people off when I say that, but I come here to read people’s blogs and connect with people. I definitely don’t connect with memes and to tell you the truth I never watch videos that people post. That’s just me. One person. So take it for what it’s worth 😉

  2. In my defense I think I’ve mostly posted videos and such back when I thought it was critical to post something every day (I’m much less of a tight ass nowadays.) But there were times when I was feeling low that I needed a laugh and shared it.

    In the end I agree with you, I come to read and rarely watch videos either. Memes are for Facebook.

  3. This is why I generally stay off of Tumblr and not count those as ‘blogs’. I’ve actually gotten into arguments with friends over that, but man… a blog is for writing. I do have a few Tumblrs, but yeah… not for blog-blogging purposes.

    And hee, because I’m self-hosted like Bradley here, I put the instructions on my front page on how to follow me on WordPress.

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