Whatever Happened To . . .

Bradley wrote a post recently about all the bloggers he used to enjoy who just…disappeared and it got me to thinking.  Whatever happened to so-and-so?  I went to my list of blogs I follow and there’s a good number of them whose blogs I can’t even view!  WordPress just says “No recent posts…” and doesn’t show the blog at all.  It leaves me wondering (and I’m sorry Bradley if this is too much like your post) but I wonder, what the hell happened to these wonderful people?  Funny, insightful people whose blogs I loved.  One was about a woman who was an escort, it was really interesting.  Her in particular, I wonder, was she killed?  Others, since they were Bipolar bloggers, I wonder, did they kill themselves?  It’s unsettling, to say the least.  I wish I’d gotten their contact information so that I could follow up with them.  I makes me want to organize this blogosphere into a “real” community where everybody knows everybody and has their contact information and can check up on each other when they don’t hear from them for awhile.  I know for me, there was a stretch last year, a few months, where I didn’t post at all.  I just didn’t feel like I had anything to say (imagine that!).  Is this what’s going on?  Why, people?  Why did you leave without a backward glance?  Don’t you know that there are people around here who care?  Who find you funny, fun, engaging, heartfelt, sweet and articulate?  So I’m putting it out there.  To all my bloggy friends:  PLEASE DON’T LEAVE!!  Or, if you must, please give us a warning!  Let us know!  Because people CARE!!!  Your absence does not go unnoticed!!!  Now I’m sending this out into the universe, and I hope this sentiment reaches some of those lost bloggers.

Have a happy Hump Day, my friends! And if you have someone to hump, get in an extra one for me, will ya?  The sadly hump-free BPOF 😛

24 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To . . .

  1. I am reinforcing your sentiment and hope others will do the same, so the bloggers return and others give as warning. I know reading blogs has become part of my daily routine and l really love being part on a online community and checking in with other bloggers.

  2. Yeah, your post is very much like mine, but I’m cool with it because I want the word to get out that if you must stop blogging to please let us know. Most of us really do care.

  3. Hey honey peachy poo!

    I read somewhere on WordPress that most bloggers give up blogging after the 1st year – bipolar and non-bipolar alike! So hopefully our friends with bp haven’t hurt themselves. God, I hope not.

    I created my blog in 2007, wrote 3 posts, and then because of that fucker known as bipolar depression, I didn’t return to blogging regularly until 2013!!!!!!!!

    Since then I’ve kept it up, and I’m proud to go beyond that fateful first year!!!!
    Be proud of yourself for beating the bloggy first year odds!

    I know that some bloggers w/bp got better and they got full-time jobs & said buh-bye to the blogging!

    Anyway, would blather on, but I’m hungry! Whine whine whine.
    Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
    Don’t ever stop blogging!

    • I love love love what you’re saying!! Hopefully they all sailed off into the wild blue yonder that’s called “Life”! Yeah! And I’m glad I made it past the first year of blogging too! And SUPER glad that you’ve kept on with it!!!

  4. I’m glad you bring that up, because I’ve wondered the same thing! I’ve been blogging consistently for the past six years (although I’m new to wordpress), and I always wonder “what happened to you?” when someone is suddenly gone. Then I feel really morbid for wondering if they killed themselves, so I’m glad this has gone through your head too. We bipolar people need to help each other out! If you ever come up with a community with actual contact info and such, definitely count me in.

    Hope you had a good hump day even without humps. Maybe next week. 😉

  5. I’m new to this whole blogging thing and I post about all things from homeschooling to being bipolar to just getting married. I had a lady that constantly commented on my homeschool posts and as soon as I wrote my bipolar piece, I haven’t heard from her since. Thing is, she is in a nasty relationship and I don’t know if it was my blatant honesty “coming out” as bipolar or the worst. Thanks for letting me know that people care. I thought I was the only one!

  6. Agreed. I’ve also gone through my list that I follow and so many are no longer there and my mind just jumps straight to suicide. Its unsettling. It would be great to have a ‘database’ of contact details. Because its only HERE that people truly do care. Speaking for myself, without blogging, I don’t know what would have happened to me in recent years. We are a community of unconditional love and support

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