Overdoing It . . . Again!

Well it seems that I’m never going to finish cleaning out this fucking storage unit, but what I will do, over and over, is overdo it!  I had twelve boxes left in there and some other miscellaneous shit (isn’t there ALWAYS miscellaneous shit?) and I told myself that I would bring home four boxes over the next three days.  WELL I got there and I don’t know if it was the Adderall talking or the morning coffee, but this inner dumbshit got all gung-ho and said “I GOT this!” and I loaded up the car with TEN boxes.  It’s so fucking easy to load from the storage unit!  About five steps from the unit to the car, plop, on to the next.  And then I got home.  And I have to come in the front door, through the living room, family room, down the stairs to the basement, open a little trap door, climb up onto my desk, hoist the box in, crawl into the crawl space, pick up the box, and go stack it somewhere.  Which begs the question…what in the fuck is WRONG with me???  What made me think I could do this TEN TIMES in a day???  Yes I have a bad back and bad knees and a little thing called “Fibromyalgia” and I’m almost fifty years old…does the word “limits” mean anything to you?  No.  I guess not.  So I actually just got all the boxes downstairs, sitting on the floor, fucking up my Feng Shui, nothing has been moved to the crawl space yet, and I’m icing my back, writing this, and cursing myself.  I don’t know why I make such poor decisions.  You’d think I’d learn.  Does anyone else have the fantasy that they’re still in their twenties and can do all this shit lickety-split?  There must be a name for it.  Besides STOOPID.  Oh well.  My break is over.  Time to go move some boxes.  Hope you’re having a stellar Leap Day!  Peach out, homies!

32 thoughts on “Overdoing It . . . Again!

  1. If I lived near you, my sweet peach, I’d come by with Arnica pills for you. That shit truly works. So does the gel. The only problem is that it all costs $$$$.Not too much (pills are less than $10, gel around $12, but to met that’s a lot of $!)

    Despite the pain, I’m REALLY proud of you for getting to the storage and dealing with it!!!!!!!!

    I’m sad because I checked my Lotto ticket and even though I technically won, it was one dollar. Yep. And I spent, um, $5 on tickets this time. (I usually only get $1 at a time) However, no one won the 20 Million jackpot, so maybe I’ll stop by my buddy Masood’s Mini Mart on Wednesday! It’s a trippy place for me to visit for various reasons, but it’s my special spot for lotto tickets, silly me – I might blog about Masood’s because there are some sordid and cool stories to tell about the place.

    Take it easy for at least 24 hours, girl!
    LOVE YA!!!!!!!

  2. I know no limits. And pace myself? Forget it. I jump in full bore always. Then land in bed about 3 days later. Doesn’t matter if it’s work or personal. Or I guess otherwise. Good for you though taking care of some serious business 🙂

  3. lol…. I can’t just picture it. Since your discovery of rapid cycling, could you possibly have cycled into a hypomania between the drive from home to the storage unit? Anything’s possible 🙂 I hope your back eases up

    • Ya know, there’s a very good possibility that I revved up into hypomania! VERY good possibility!!! But man oh man was it hard to follow up that reckless ambition!!! Today’s update: ALL MY SHIT THAT NEEDS TO COME HOME IS OUT OF THAT UNIT!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!! Just a few things left that are for sale…and eleven days to spare. RELIEF!!!

      • That’s fantastic!!! Well done. A monumental effort both physically and emotionally. You’ve done an exceptional job. Now its time to treat yourself with something that’s special to you =D

  4. Ahhhh…. I miss those days. I don’t get that energized much anymore. I’m lucky to get the kids off to school and load the dishwasher. I get a good day like that every once in a blue moon, and then I ask myself WHY?!?!?!?!? LOL Much like you were doing in your post. 😉

  5. “…fucking up my feng shui.” LOL! Sorry you’re hurting, but know you made me laugh out loud. I love how you can make horrible things funny. That’s a gift. I love your blog. 🙂

  6. I hope you got a good release after writing this! I felt your pain, but also your ability to express yourself. Hope you got some rest.

    And let me know if you figure out the secret to going through those boxes. I have many that I need to tackle myself…

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