My Poor Murdered Bike

My sister ran over my bike. It had fallen over in the garage and she didn’t see it.  “I think I ran over the back tire,” she says.  I go to look at it.  I don’t think the back tire should be curly.  Dammit!  I’m not happy.  But then again, the tires were already flat and the chain was off and jammed.  Already, the bike was a useless fixture in the garage.  How mad can I be?  I’m mad at myself because I hadn’t repaired it before now, and I’m  mad that I didn’t buy the hardware to hang it up when we first moved in here.  Now I went to look at my bike again, and it looks even WORSE!  The seat is all wonky and has smudge marks like maybe that got run over too!  Part of me wants to get really mad at my sister, and part of me wants to get really mad at me.  This is the perfect opportunity to have a ragefest!  Maybe the Abilify is smoothing me out, because I just can’t work myself into a rage.  All I can do is think “I have to take this fucker into the shop and evaluate my options.” Is it fixable?  If so, how much?  Can I afford it?

Although I’m not grateful for two flat tires, a curly wheel, a jammed chain and a wonky seat, I guess I am grateful for an even mood that just says “Deal with it.” This is new!  This is different!  Maybe I’m ready to make my own Abilify commercial!  I don’t know.  This is my Saturday wisdom. Take the good where you can find it. This is my good.  I’m not having a cow.  I’m dealing.  It’s ok.  And now I’m gonna go eat pizza.  Peach out!

17 thoughts on “My Poor Murdered Bike

  1. So glad that you are able to label it and deal with it. Hope the bike eventually gets sorted and repaired. Hope you enjoyed your pizza. Gee l just mentioned hope several times, maybe hope is on my mind. Hope I can get to sleep soon.

  2. I am super-impressed! I’m sorry about your poor, mangled bike.
    It’s so inspiring to read about your new reaction because my reaction would probably be rage.

    I would pay good money to see you star in Abilfy commercial. Watching you would make me want to take it!!! 😉


  3. By the way, I totally gave you a shout out on my blog (not today’s post, but the Liebster Award one.) I didn’t nominate you for the Liebster, mostly because you have too many followers to qualify and also I find those nominations more work than they’re worth (which is what I decided after my grand total of ONE theoretical internet “award.” Ha ha). Anyway, thought you might enjoy it. Maybe I’ll send some followers your way. 🙂 Thanks for being awesome.

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