What A Week!

Well I’ve had a productive week.  If you call playing lots & lots of Words With Friends and What’s The Phrase productive.  Then I’ve been productive as HELL!!!  I haven’t heard from Dr. Flaky and frankly I’m getting kind of obsessed about it.  I don’t know what her major malfunction is but I’ve called her a “Fucking Bitch” more than once this week.  I was just so happy for those few days when I had work to do!!  I am really a productive kind of person.  At least, now, I am.  I don’t think I could have done anything like this during the winter.  Well, I could have played my games.  Yes, this week has been spent obsessively checking my email (DAMN YOU, EMAIL!), playing games, reading twitter, reading a few blogs, and playing games.  If I could get paid for playing games or checking Twitter, damn, I’d be in good shape.  Because I’m DEDICATED!!  I will contact Dr. Flaky tomorrow, as it will have been a week since I heard from her tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll get an answer.  Even one I don’t like, but maybe I’ll get an answer.  Maybe my next blog post will just be sobs and a lot of cussing.  I’m not making any promises.  Today we’ll celebrate Mother’s Day.  Already my crazy little sister has cancelled (YAY!) and my Aunt who always starts shit with my Dad has cancelled (Somewhat Yay).  So hopefully it will be a peaceful celebration.  Hope everyone’s week has been as productive as mine!  Peach out!

9 thoughts on “What A Week!

  1. Thinking of you, girl….I’m so sorry about Dr. Flaky. Psychiatrists can be some of the most unprofessional, screwed-up people around (no offense to any good pdoc reading this!) I know this from personal experience. So hang in there, sweet peach, and you can vent to us all you like – we are here for you and adore you. XOXOXOXOXO

  2. I agree with Dyane, psychiatrists really can be the absolute WORST to work for…more often crazier than their patients. I speak from experience. Even if Dr. Flaky does agree to keep you, be cautious about how much you take on…remember what doing just a few files has done to your sanity over the last week or two.

    I am not into computer games (mostly because I don’t let myself play them because I get horribly addicted, and I don’t play well with others, even if I’m playing a computer), but I have been super productive with all of the general garbage…you know, lots of coloring, perfecting my Pandora stations, smoking too many cigarettes, quite a bit of gazing out the window. I get ya, I really do. ((hugs))

    • I’m so glad you get me!! I don’t know what will happen with Dr. Flaky. If I could just remove her from the equation and do the work, things would be good. Don’t know if that is possible, though. Time will tell.

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