I Live Below Frankenstein

I live below Frankenstein, or as he may also be known, my fourteen-year-old nephew, and I spend a lot of my day and most of my night listening to him CLOMP-CLOMP-CLOMP around.  He is in some sort of training to be a great big oaf, I swear!  CLOMP-CLOMP-CLOMP goes the boy, oh and did I mention that he PACES because he’s on FUCKING ABILIFY (I curse thy name!) and FUCKING ABILIFY can give you hyperkinesia, or excessive movement for you dummies!  CLOMP-CLOMP-CLOMP is the background narration of my LIFE!  And it’s not like I can SAY anything to him, right?  Because I can’t ask the poor kid to censor his very movements so the Ol’ Broad Downstairs can have a little peace, can I?  No.  The answer is No.  Any other answer is assholian.  So can I just say that I’m a little bit happy that he’s going on a trip to see his Deadbeat Daddy tomorrow for eleven days?  Can I say that I will relish the peace every moment of every day?  Fuck yeah I can!

I can work in peace.  (See how I worked that little detail in?  I’M WORKING.)  I can read in peace.  I can make jewelry in peace.  Theoretically, I could masturbate in peace.  Theoretically.  Best of all, I can BE in peace.  And quiet.  DAMN when did I become such an Introvert?

5 thoughts on “I Live Below Frankenstein

  1. So happy to see a post from you! And happier for you that you are working, if that’s what you want. 🙂 Sorry about the clomping. I’ve been on abilify. I get it. Take care!

  2. I always love reading a fiery post! 🔥

    I LOVE that jewelry you’ve been posting on Twitter – the “glam” bracelet was gorgeous!

    I’m thrilled you’re getting a break from the clomping sound – that would make me SCREAM!!!! 😱

    Curious to know more about the WORKING – my memory sucks but I thought it was over with Dr. Flaky. I’d love to know more! It’s okay to be an introvert because as you know, my lovely, everything seems to change in this crazy-ass world and you’ll be an extrovert again before you know it!!! 😜

    • Thanks for liking my jewelry!! I love doing it. It’s just fun.

      Well Dr. Flaky finally got her shit together and now things are humming along! Yay! It’s just what I hoped for. A pile of work that I can sit here and do, no drama, no bullshit. It’s great! And I am grateful.

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