I Fired Dr. Flaky

Well, it happened.  I reached the end of my rope with Dr. Flaky.  I just realized as I was walking to the store last night that I was full of chaos, and it was HER chaos, and I DON’T NEED THAT!!!  She has assigned me tasks over & over & over and then not provided me with the information I need to complete said tasks.  I have emailed her over & over & over asking her for more information and received no response.  The same goes for texting.  No response.  This is a crazy-making situation.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was when she gave one of her patients my phone number yesterday and said “call my assistant” for statements on his account – and I had to send him an email, looking like a total idiot, reflecting the chaos that is Dr. Flaky’s practice – and telling him what information I had, and asking if it was correct and complete (knowing it was not).  This just is no way to run a business!!!!!  And I can’t be a part of this.  If she would allow me to run the business, I would have it in tip-top shape.  But for some reason she is holding on to the information and not using the new system I helped her build.  Garbage in —> Garbage out.  So, I sent her a very respectful letter of resignation.  She replied that she was very sad to receive it and wished that I had communicated my frustration.  I communicated like crazy with her, she just ignored me.  Hence the frustration.  She asked me to reconsider, and I sent her a second letter with my list of conditions, which I’m sure makes me come across as a control freak.  But I don’t care.  If she wants help running her business, she can take me up on my offer.  Otherwise, she can say b’bye and pay me what she owes me, which isn’t much.  She wasn’t even giving me five hours of work per week, so it’s no great loss financially.  It just came down to too much frustration for too little payoff.  I have to hope that more opportunities like Dr. HasHerShitTogether (my new client) will come my way.  Or, that I finally get Disability.  God knows I can’t work too much without my body erupting in fits of fibromyalgia pain.  Fuck, I don’t know what the answer is for me.  Only time will tell.  I think I’ll go look for work.  Have a good day, friends.

16 thoughts on “I Fired Dr. Flaky

  1. Forgive me because I’m using my phone to do this, but I have to tell you how proud I am of you. You’re truly amazing, and I wish I could give you a big hug right now! you did the absolute right thing. you’re full of class, organization and sanity; yes, sanity, and the doctor is drawn to that. Please keep us posted!!!!! I love you my sweet Peach!!!

    • Thanks so much DyDy!!! She did ask me to reconsider, and I gave her my conditions, to which she did not respond. So, that is an answer in itself. I don’t know if she’ll even ask for her files back. She’s just THAT disorganized. Oh well…I can’t control this. I can only offer my help, but take care of myself in the process. BOOM!

      • Yeah, I know you gave her your conditions (which shows how awesome you are, to have the guts and skills to do that) and she didn’t answer – WTF times 1000000. Buh-bye Dr. Flako-0-rama. Girl, she was so fucking lucky to have you as long as she did!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re a precious peach, and she is missing out by flaking out. Something better is coming your way, I PROMISE!

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