Coloring Keeps Away The Crazy


One of the better things I took away from my last visit to the looney bin was a set of coloring sheets.  I thought coloring was a distant memory from childhood, but I picked it up as an adult, and then I got serious about it and got myself some Gelly Roll metallic pens, which ROCK THE HOUSE, Y’ALL!!  The colors are electric and the pens make a wonderful deposit with each swish to the page.  These pens ain’t for wimps, y’all!  Through all of my stress lately, I’ve found myself sneaking down to my apartment to surreptitiously color.  No tv, no music, just coloring.  It takes me away!  I highly recommend it.  Here is a great page you can go to to print out mandalas to color, that’s where I got this one.  If you haven’t colored since you were a child, I highly encourage you to try it again!  Don’t worry about how you look, or who might bust you.  Just try it!  It soothes the soul, I promise.

Hope you all have a great day.  Peach out homies!

19 thoughts on “Coloring Keeps Away The Crazy

  1. I agree with coloring as a way to relax. I also suffer from a bipopar disorder. I discovered a mandala coloring book at my local book store and found it extremely therapeutic. The only issue I have is when my coloring pencils need to be sharpened.

  2. One of my other fave bloggers Kitt O’Malley also loves coloring to reduce stress, etc. Since you’re both amazing peeps, I need to check it out!!!!

    Kitt writes. “Anyway, instead of volunteering last week, I colored. Here is a slide-show of my creations. I found coloring and doodling grounding, doing so occupied my hands and focused my mind on something other than thoughts. My sister gave me two coloring books and colored pencils as an early birthday present.”

    LOVE YOU!!!!!

    To see a slideshow of Kitt’s beautiful images, visit this link:

  3. I did a lot of coloring when I was in the looney bin too. Loved it. I have a coloring book I got as part of a Christmas gift and haven’t even opened it yet. I need to go buy some crayons or colored pencils.

  4. I know it’s been tough lately, and I’m glad you have an outlet. My mother recently had a knee replaced and I bought her an “adult” colouring book – which means it was swear words!

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