Fly With The Angels


I’m feeling a little melancholy today.  We have some family friends who have a little girl who has been fighting mesothelioma and ovarian cancer since she was three years old (she’s twelve now) and today she didn’t wake up.  Poor girl.  Yesterday was her last day on earth.  It just seems so cruel that a child’s life was spent fighting cancer, and then the battle was lost.  Life is so uneven!  Some people seem to sort of float through life unscathed, they don’t seem to struggle, they grow up, they have babies, they seem happy, while others seem to have all the struggles.  I’m not feeling sorry for myself, I’ve had my share of struggles, but I’m coming out the other side.  My head is above water.  I just…FEEL!  Feel so bad for this little girl, her parents, her sister.  Loss is not fair.  I hope there’s an afterlife, and I hope it’s good.  I hope she’s a happy angel, flying high, playing Minecraft without a care or a pain in the world.  Her name was Zaida.  Be happy and free, Zaida.  Rest in the arms of Love.

2 thoughts on “Fly With The Angels

  1. I am so sorry for your loss and the families loss. What a sad story but thank you for sharing. I can understand why you are feeling melancholy. I am sure this beautiful angel girl got to meet Jesus and she is not suffering anymore. I can completely relate to what you think about how some people seem to go through life unscathed and that their lives seem to be so easy and beautiful when other people have to suffer. I think that many times too. I am not sure why but I do wonder that and think that just like you do. I also have bipolar. Maybe that is why we think that. I don’t think it is wrong to feel like that though. I try to pray and remember that Jesus suffered and that suffering increases our strength, compassion, perseverance and character. Hugs and blessings to you always.

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