Well folks I felt the fear and I did it anyway – I GOT CERTIFIED!!!!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  (For those of you wondering, the certification is COMPTIA Security +).  Somehow I didn’t think I could actually pull it off, but I did!!!  All those months of studying and test-taking (over & over & over) have paid off.  I took the test yesterday and passed with a 787, about 87.4%.  Do I need to say how happy I am?!?!  I can’t remember the last time I had such a big goal, and I achieved it.  This has challenged me like nothing since college, which is many years in the past.  After 40+ ECT treatments, I really didn’t know if my brain could absorb and learn like I would need to.  Also, this is a 50-year-old brain!  But, I did it!  I’m so excited and encouraged!  You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!  I’m living proof!  And, Bipolar Disorder doesn’t get to win here.  I am not defeated by my illness.  Oh my I am just filled with happiness and hope.  Now on to Certified Ethical Hacker with some confidence that I can do it!  YEAH!

27 thoughts on “CERTIFIED!!!

  1. FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! Can I, just once, say a non-snarky “I told you so!!!!” ???? ;))))) XOXOXOXXO
    I’m super-proud of you, you fiery & brilliant gal!

  2. Yay! Congratulations. We are bipolar survivors and we can do anything. Don’t let these stupid people who know nothing tell us we can’t. I work part-time at Kohls and no one knows I have bipolar and so far after working part-time jobs for over four years I have learned that it is the best way for me to go at this time… not telling because the stigma is till out the loud and ugly as much as people like to pretend it is not. I have not worked there very long but so I have not figured out if there is anyone I should tell, because once you tell one person there is a trickling affect and the stigma of the fact that I have a mental illness spreads quickly. I have had more Ects than I can count and my brain does have many memory problems. Even though it is just a job at Kohls you would think there would not be much to remember but there is a lot so far because they keep putting in me in different departments etc. and occasionally think I should know everything. I want to say you have absolutely no idea how amazing it is that my bipolar ECT brain is learning as much as it is so go blow pretty lilac bubbles out of your butt…. just kidding on that. I am just proud of myself that my memory is working as well as it is. They just have no idea and I do not plan on telling them as I do not need any kudos. It is just harder for my brain to remember (plus I am 54 years old) compared to others and they will never know this. I love how most people are so friendly there and I very happy that I can finally have a part-time job after 20 years of isolating in my home and living in and out of the hospital. Congratulations to you. Does this mean you got a new job full-time or part-time? I do not think I can work full-time ever as my brain needs recoup time and plus my sleep pattern is a mess…..I am so sorry but I very behind on reading blogs for many reasons… some bad bipolar symptoms etc. and I had surgery on my knee etc. etc. Please fill me in on if you are working or not and where and what you passed exactly… if you have time. Other wise I would tell you if you want to work part-time Kohl’s is a great job really…. I receive social security as well so I do not need to and cannot work full-time. Whatever happened with you sounds awesome. Congratulations and remember we are awesome. We are strong, resilient and kind and compassionate people… and we are bipolar survivors. Yay … a huge yay to you… and yay to all of us bipolar surviviors!!! Hugs and blessings! ❤

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