I Feel So Much Better!!!

It’s amazing to me how just putting myself out there and saying how I feel can make me feel better!  I don’t want to do it, especially when the feelings aren’t super-delicious, and yesterday was one of those days.  I’m just…scared, like, will people think I’m a big asshole?  And, sometimes I am an asshole!  But feeling bad doesn’t make me an asshole.  Acting like I’m always o.k. does.

Anyhoo, I just really appreciate all the love and support from BlogLand!!  It has made me feel not-lonely and like I can keep going with this studying thing.  I also did some fancy things today that made me feel good, like dyeing my hair (not going to give in to the grays FUCK YOU GRAY HAIR!) and taking a shower (didn’t happen to do that since Monday!), and putting on clean clothes.  SO FANCY.  So I feel shiny and new and gosh, someone should take me out for enchiladas or somethin’!  Life is good.  Thank you, BlogLand!

9 thoughts on “I Feel So Much Better!!!

  1. As always, I loved reading this post!!!! Girl, I’m SO SO SO SO SO SO SO THRILLED you’ve been feeling better! By writing this update post, you made me feel appreciated too – that’s one of the countless reasons you’re special. 💓

    I dye my gray hair too – there’s NO way in HELL 😈 I’m going to look older if I can prevent it, LOL! I noticed that there’s a new book entirely about the wonders of going gray! WTF??????

    I hope you got to eat some yummy enchiladas!!! That sounds super-good even though it’s only 9:30 AM! Love you to bits, you sweet ‘n fiery peach!!!!!!!!!! 🍊🔥🍊🔥

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