Goats In Trees


I’ve just had such a productive day, surprisingly, and I’ve already gotten my evening work done for Dr. Flaky, so I just thought I’d Google Image “goats” and then there were all these pictures of goats in trees so I Googled “goats in trees” and OH MY GOD there are so many pics!  Like people go to visit the goats in the trees!  I want to do this!!  Who wants to go to Morocco to see the goats in the trees??

13 thoughts on “Goats In Trees

  1. You are TOO funny!!!!

    I hope you get to visit the trees in Morocco if that’s where goats hang out – and who knows? They could.

    A few days ago I read that a mountain lion was hanging out in a TREE down in Santa Cruz – it didn’t attack anyone, thank God. I also heard about a mountain lion up in my neighborhood that was way the hell up in a tree. An arbor guy was about to work on the tree, and then he spotted the mountain lion, so he got the hell away, unscathed, miraculously enough If those knarly pumas can hang out in trees, goats can too, I bet! :))))

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