How Hard Is It To Stand Up For Yourself?

People, apartment living ain’t for wimps.  ESPECIALLY sketchy apartment living!  I jumped into this place because it was a one bedroom as opposed to a studio that was in my price range and I didn’t really take a good look around first and honey, have I lived to regret that.  There is every kind of noise here, from trashy car-revving noise to babies crying to kids screaming to neighbors screaming at each other to bongos being played to LOUD SEX, oh how I cringe at hearing other people’s sex!  The neighbor above me is particularly inconsiderate and seems to think he lives on an island and can do any-damn-thing he wants at any-damn-time he wants, and let me tell you, my hostility level is through the roof!  Up to now, I have taken the path of least resistance, for the most part.  Granted, I did knock on his door four times when he was playing music that sounded like hammers coming through the ceiling, and he didn’t answer the door, and I did call the cops on him.  But since then, I’ve tried to bury my head in the sand, afraid to say anything to the landlord, afraid he’d offer to let me out of my lease, treat ME like the problem.

Cut to the now, where I’m at my wits end, having been woken up in the middle of the night too many times to count by the loser upstairs.  You and I both know that a Bipolar person needs their damn sleep!  Last night was the last straw.  So today I put on my big-girl panties, and sent the landlord a longgg text outlining my grievances with the guy upstairs (no, not God, literally the guy upstairs).  After all this time and all this agonizing, the landlord got right back to me and said “This is not ok.  I was not aware.  I will intervene for you.”  Just like that!

Soooo what’s the lesson?  Sometimes ya just gotta stand up for yourself.  ESPECIALLY when you’re feeling victimized.  And being woken up out of a sound sleep was making me feel bad, let me tell you.  Will it happen again?  Probably.  Will I take it lying down.  HELL NAH!!  I’m on the self-care train now.  Git yer buns on it with me!  Fire!  That’s why they call me Bipolar on FIRE!!

19 thoughts on “How Hard Is It To Stand Up For Yourself?

  1. One can only do so much apartment penance before somehow (miraculously, perhaps) being granted a condo or a townhome or (gasp!) a small house. I am so very fortunate to live in a region where it is actually cheaper to have a mortgage than to rent an apartment…by hundreds of dollars a month. I did apartment living and it was all I could do not to poke someone’s eyes out with a dull cuchara. Between apartment living and dorm living in college, I had my fair share. I hope, for your sake, that the housing fairies smile down upon you and you are able to remove yourself from at least a few neighbors.

    And I really do pity any idiot that messes with you, especially if he/she is waking you up in the middle of the night. People have no self-preservation anymore? I think it is all of those The Walking Dead shows. 😀 (LOL JK!!)

    • It is cheaper here to own than to rent too, but I don’t have the verifiable (or steady) finances for a mortgage. It IS apartment penance, though, that is the perfect phrase!!! I look at people with houses, and places for gardens, and I just LONG for that….don’t know if I’ll ever have that, but then again I wrote a year ago about never having my own place again, and here I am in my own place. So you never know. I can only hope 🙂

  2. I am DAMN proud of you, Dr. Fire!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you for sending that text! And the line about God/the man upstairs made me laugh!!

  3. Let that self care train never derail. Its your right as a human being not to be infringed upon. Especially when sleep is so important in our stability. Its daunting complaining because you never know what the reception will be. So whoohoo to you! Upstairs better watch out, because next time there may be “FIRE IN THE HOLE”…. kabooooom!

    • AHAHAHAHAHA I love your sense of humor!!! Fire in the Hole indeed!! Fucking Bongo Boy is at it again and I am trying to point out how shitty his drumming is by blasting some Pandora that features outstanding drumming. Hopefully that fucks up his rhythm 🙂

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