To Bird Or Not To Bird

zebra finches

I am struggling mightily with the impulse to buy some pet birds.  It’s Spring, and I hear the beautiful birds singing, and I just want all the birds!!  I have had Zebra Finches before (other birds too) but I like Zebra Finches because they are zero-maintenance.  They don’t want to be held or cuddled or paid attention to in the least – they just live their precious lives in their cage and if you get a male and a female they make precious babies!  OH!  How I want to get some!  Then I could just sit in my chair and watch my birds.  And avoid studying.  Oh.  Yeah.  That.

Part of me says “Wait until you pass your certification, then this will be your reward” which is a great idea but fuck me I don’t want to study!!  I have just rebelled and rebelled and I haven’t studied for a week!  This isn’t good people!!!  I’m supposed to take the test at the end of the month!  This is my own deadline but it’s for a good reason, I need to go out and get a damn job!  Have I mentioned how I feel about getting a full-time job?  I know I have.  I feel like SHIT about it!  Oh lawd I think all this shit is tied together.  Could getting pet birds possibly help me in some way?  Could I become homeless with pet birds?  These are the things that pop into my head.  I dunno, I just think pet birds would contribute to my home harmony.  That sweet little song . . . C’mon people talk me into it!

Well that’s about all for this week except we had a damn snowstorm in the middle of May and I had to say What the FUCK, Colorado?!  That sucked.  It is beautiful today, though.  Snow all gone.  Hope all is great in your world.

UPDATE:  After a lot of thought and obsession, I ordered a birdcage from Amazon 😀 😀 😀 it is so much cheaper than buying one from PetSmart!  I also ordered birdie supplies.  Once everything comes, I will go buy the birds.  YAY!!!!!  And now I am studying with happy anticipation 🙂

13 thoughts on “To Bird Or Not To Bird

  1. p.s. You have my blessing getting one “easy” ( i.e. nothing too fancy or high-maintenance) bird. After you watch the ending of the Portlandia clip, you’ll agree with me, you’d *NEVER* go that route as far as getting that type of bird! 😉

  2. just get those birds…. the sound of them might help you chill… and this fear of going back to work…who says it has to be full time ?

  3. Honestly, I have no idea if you should or shouldn’t get the birds. My parents’ memory care has lots of animals — dogs, birds, rabbits (no cats). Therapeutic. Wonder if you had to move in with family (if not able to work full-time), would it be okay with them? Just being pragmatic. By the way, f*ck SSA for denying you disability.

  4. *talking you into getting those birds* Birds of a feather flock together – I’m also wanting a birdie. Perfect partners for introverts – you have someone to talk to without actually having to talk to someone 🙂 They will inspire you with your studies

      • I soooo wish I could. Pets of any kind are forbidden in my building… even a fish for godsake! But keep posting videos of Peaches and Herb so I can feel the love. Tell them they have an Aunty in South Africa… all their friends would be jealous. I’m really talking a load of crap now so I’m going to stop 😉 😀

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