No, YOU Started A Meet-Up Group!

WHO is this person and WHO started a Meetup Group for persons 50 and over?  She sounds like a fucking centenarian!  My God!  The scandal!  Trying to meet people her own age!  And in her own town!  And an Introvert, mind you!  It seems I’ve drunk the kool-aid about it not being good to be isolated all the time, I guess.  Maybe I miss having more friends / social contact than I have now.  Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and think what a bad fucking idea this was and ask for my money back.  And maybe I’ll grow a tail 🙂  Well what the hell.  I started a Meetup group.  Forgive me for cutting this short.  I’m compulsively monitoring Meetup to see if anyone has joined my group yet.  I’ll keep ya posted 😉

11 thoughts on “No, YOU Started A Meet-Up Group!

  1. By the way, I’m incredibly proud of you for doing this I had a Meetup group for a couple years for women with mood disorders stop that and I’ve been tempted to do the exact same theme as yours except it would be over 40 instead of 50 I’m just talking into my phone with this comment so there’s no punctuation whatsoever but I don’t want to break my collarbone again from falling so again I’m super proud of you and I want you to let us know how it goes I wish I could come crash it with Lucy my emotional support animal

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