Introducing Peaches & Herb!

Peaches & Herb are in da house!!!  Oh. My. God!!!  I love these little creatures!!!  You wouldn’t believe how much joy these little dolls bring to my days!!!  What a great life-enhancer!!!  Low maintenance, high-impact!!  My emotional support animals are a plus!!!  I am having a hard time doing ANYTHING because I just want to watch my birds!!!  I’m not going to talk about the status of my studies…. just please enjoy the video and have a fabulous day!!!

11 thoughts on “Introducing Peaches & Herb!

  1. They’re adorable and their little chirps are heart-warming.

    I am a bird enthusiast. I’ve owned two parrots in the past. My loving little emotional support pet died 3.5 months ago at 15 years old. I’m still deeply affected. My husband is not yet ready to adopt a new birdie, but I yearn for all of the gifts they give. My therapist and psychiatrist think we should adopt one soon. I wish my husband would give a little on this.

  2. I’m sooooooooooooooooooo thrilled for you – they’re adorable, their names are perfect, and I love the idea of you enjoying them. I still think you need to create a 2nd Meetup for Bird Owners, ha ha ha!

    Congratulations, sweetness!

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