My Meetup!

Well folks I didn’t chicken out, as much as I wanted to.  I went to the Meetup I started!  This is a big deal for this Introvert.  It’s weird, being an Introvert, yet wanting and needing more social contact.  I want it, but I don’t want to leave the house.  Quite a conundrum.  Anyhoo, I went to the Meetup.  Nineteen people were signed up for it (there are 109 members!!) and I had a big table reserved and I was so scared that I’d be sitting at this big table with my little Meetup sign and no one would show up.  However!  Thirteen people showed up and they were all very nice and it was lively and fun and not too scary at all!  We came up with a nice long list of proposed activities which I came home and promptly scheduled (some of them, at least – about six weeks’ worth).  So, I am proud of myself.  I think this is a big part of my recovery, socializing.  It might not seem like a big deal to most people, but to this Bipolar Introverted Introvert, it’s a big deal.

On the studying front, I have somewhat gotten over the overwhelmed and defeated feeling and worked on my studying.  I took a practice test this week and got a 68% (last test was a 50%, passing is 70%).  So I feel a lot better about my studies!   I also applied for about five jobs, as I see my savings dwindle, I feel like I need to get proactive about looking for a job, even though I haven’t passed the Certified Ethical Hacker certification yet.  I just put in my cover letter that I am studying for it.  What the hell?  I have to try.

Peaches and Herb have made lots of progress in the one little week that I’ve had them.  They figured out how to build their nest, and they’re mating!  Yeah!  On with the babies!!  No eggs yet.

Well that’s about all that’s happening in my world, how’re things in yours?  Peaches (& Herb) say peach out!  BPOF.

5 thoughts on “My Meetup!

  1. As someone who has created a Meetup group & who’s also an introvert, I must tell you I am SUPPPPPPERRRRRR PROUD of you!!!! Too bad you couldn’t bring your emotional support birds – just kidding! 😉 I’m also extremely impressed you applied for 5 jobs and that you’re feeling better about the certification – that’s awesome you got 68% on the practice test!!!!

    I really am stoked you had a good time with the group and you had such a nice turnout. It’ll just get better as you start to know one another. If you bond with someone in particular, it would be helpful to get him/her to be a co-admin or even two more since the group will get bigger. (Sorry to nag, but I wish I did that!)

    XOXOXOXOXOO!!!! Give my best to Peaches & Herb!

  2. Sounds like great progress. One step at a time. I Renner years ago I had been held captive so to speak living with an alcoholic husband. All friends were drinkers I was always the designated driver so I g It to see all of the non sense. I figured sit I had lost all of my social skills and didn’t know how to fit in with sober people….so I signed up for classes at a he college in town just to observe. I took a physiology ckass…english 101 and a “learn to snow ski”. The college trained ski instructors and needed students for them to teach. Pretty funny that if I didn’t learn they failed. Anyway those steps changed my life and I am now fearless. I am managing my bipolar Pretty well without any rx med. Still sort of a recluse by choice. We all have our own unique journey. Denny is no one who meets me would think I am a recluse or an introvert. The double side of being bipolar I suspect…a Dr heckle and Mr. Hyde kind of thing. Good look. Looks like you are figuring it out.

  3. So impressed that you organized and went to your Meetup. Best of luck in job search and becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker. Getting closer with each test. Mating gives hope of new life, new beginnings. Excited to see eggs and babies!

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