Holy Shit July Already?!

I can’t believe it’s July already!!  My GOD life moves fast!!!  I am really trying to enjoy this summer, my favorite time of year.  Well, Spring and Summer.

This weekend I am housesitting which is total torture because BABY BIRDS ARE BEING BORN at home!!  I want to be home to monitor every twist & turn in the situation!  I want to be the birdie midwife!  PUSH!  CRACK THAT EGG!!!  I will go home and check on the birdies every day and feed them but I just wish I could be there.  But I am housesitting for my BEST sister who is so damn supportive of me (she is paying me a shitload to be here) and I need to give her my best.

I am still on an emotional high from passing my test.  Soooooooo grateful and happy!!  I really didn’t think I would pass.  I don’t think I mentioned in my last post that on the morning of the test, I made a gratitude list, and I filled the little notebook page with 18 or 19 things I was grateful for.  It was so comforting to me to think that, whether I passed the test or not, I would still have those things to be grateful for.  So I am continuing my gratitude practice every morning.  I think it is a great attitude to cultivate.

This week I will get hot & heavy on the job search.  The pressure is on.  I have such mixed feelings about getting a full-time job, mostly fearful & negative feelings because I feel like it burns me out but I do not have a choice.  It would be a happy miracle to find a part-time job in the IT Security field.

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful long weekend, don’t blow off any body parts please!  Love, BPOF!

8 thoughts on “Holy Shit July Already?!

  1. Ask for that happy miracle of a PT job to happen! You deserve that, and you deserve more miracles to come your way!

    I’m so inspired to hear about your gratitude list that you wrote before taking the test, and how you reminded yourself you’d have those things whether you passed the test or not. I’m gonna call you my “Super Soul Sunday Sista” from now on because you’re taking some very positive actions – bringing the birds into your life, writing the gratitude list and more. Oprah would certainly approve! 😉 Xo

    • I love these grand titles you come up with!!! HAHAHA just call me SSSS!! I will hope and pray for a delicious part time job!! Hope your weekend is wonderful and not too scary for Lucy!!

  2. I loved reading your post. I really like the idea that you made a list of things you are grateful for. That gave me the courage to do the same. Sometimes I get wound up I life and trying hard to keep my self together, that I forget to think of the encouraging things that go on in it. As far as looking for a job try out indeed.com, it is a pretty good site. I found my current job there, 6 years ago 😀

  3. love your posts…very glad you didn’t kill yourself a few posts ago..:)))
    .and I was shit scared of going back to work after after a sort of breakdown period.7 years in total…really weird to begin with but ok eventually… Also… often you can step down to part time once you’ve been in a job for a while..and soooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to pics of your babies :)) and love you and not at all surprised that you passed… 🙂 and thanks again for not killing yourself xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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