I Want This Job

Well I had the written assessment for the bleh temporary Desktop Support job yesterday and the person who would be the boss was administering it.  She seemed very cool and laid back and I got the feeling that I would like very much to work for her.  I feel like this would be the best situation for me if I have to get a job right now, it would be something I could do while I continue to look for a security position.  It would be a good situation to ease me back into full-time work after so much time not working (except for my cushy part-time stuff).  They are flexible about whether you take a lunch hour or not and I think they would let me go see the doctor without any b.s. which would really reduce my stress level.  So I am willing the phone to ring with good news.  Say your prayers for me or send me good juju or whatever you’re able to do please!!  Thank you!!


**UPDATE**  —  no news is SHIT news.  I didn’t hear from the recruiter today and I was told I would.  Low as hell.  DAMN IT!!!  I don’t know what to say…

10 thoughts on “I Want This Job

  1. let it go….if its yours you’ll get it, and if not, you’ll get something else.. I know its scry but the more you relax…which is soooooooooooooooooooooo hard when you’e not smoking pot but… try .. incidentally I have been known to take antihistamines for same effect 🙂 not great but takes the edge off craving..

  2. Dont worry dear, it will come. And if you dont get this one there will be others. Phone support jobs are everywhere if that is where you want to start. I have faith in you, always will.

    • It’s not as bad as phone support, and it’s not where I want to start, but it’s what I’m being offered, so I may have to begin there and keep looking for a security job 😉

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