Hustler Interview Today

I have the Hustler interview today and I’m very nervous!  I got up at a quarter to five to drink coffee and study technical stuff.  My head is swimming with possible interview questions and answers.  I also tried to research the company, and not much came up!  What did come up however were reviews of the company by employees on, and man were they bad!  They made it seem like a terrible place to work:  Bad company culture, strict working hours, poor pay, not much time off . . . I have to say, thinking about interviewing at a bad company kind of takes the pressure off!  I can kind of treat this like a practice interview, and not worry so much about whether or not they will want to hire me!  Granted, I don’t have many irons in the fire right now, and if they don’t want to hire me, I might start to feel pretty desperate.  I’m having a hard time keeping up a sustained effort in the job search.  My heart is just not in it!  I am praying for willingness . . .

Well, time’s a wastin’!  Better pick out my clothes and get in the shower.  My hair is kind of long (I wish I’d gotten it cut before today) and I hope it doesn’t look like Donald Trump Hair for the interview.  I’m going to have to take extra time with it and the blow dryer.  Wish me luck!  Off to Hustler . . . more to come!

11 thoughts on “Hustler Interview Today

  1. Sorry to be late to the Hustler Party!!!! I’m so proud of you for just walking in the door over there. We all know they’d be INCREDIBLY lucky to have you work there. Can’t wait to read the next post!!!!!!!

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