I Survived The Hustler Interview

WOW was I nervous!  I am not used to interviewing.  Out came this guy with bad teeth in a Sublime t-shirt, he was the IT Manager.  It’s hard to know how I really did on the technical interview because his answer to everything was “Great!” or “Fantastic!” but I guess it’s good it was something affirmative.  I guess there was one person he interviewed who didn’t make the cut and didn’t get interviewed by the whole team, so the fact that he later brought the whole team in to interview me was a good thing.  No hard-hitting questions there.  It started with “You know what we do here, right?”  They wanted to make sure I was ok with the whole porn factory thingie.  I said I was.  After the group interview I was taken on a tour and in certain areas where people were doing QC, or working on films, it was a total cock-and-balls show.  In-and-out and in-and-out.  THEN he took me into the NOC (Network Operations Center) where they monitor every single video feed, and it was every flavor of porn you could imagine on 100 different screens!!!  I didn’t know where to look.  I guess after awhile you’d just get used to it.  But it was kind of shocking to see in a workplace, I have to say.  Well, they have to generate this stuff somewhere, right?  Now I’ve seen how they do it.  Lots & lots of infrastructure and lots & lots of storage.  Annnnnnd lots of fucking.  Well.  That was Hustler.  I emailed a thank-you for the interview.  Will I hear back?  I predict that I will, with a low-ball offer.  Get it??

15 thoughts on “I Survived The Hustler Interview

  1. I ***know*** they’ll make an offer!!!! That interview sounds like one of the most surreal experiences ever!!!!! Hilarious! Proud of you for going to the interview and trying your best! Xo

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