Status Unknown

Well I am in a weird kind of limbo when it comes to this new job.  I believe that my background check has been completed.  I got a call last week from the account manager stating that they needed to finalize the contract with the company, and I would hopefully start the day after Labor Day (which is Tuesday September 5th for those not in the US).  Then this week I heard from the recruiter that they are waiting on something from the company (the contract?) and hopefully they’ll have a start date for me soon.  So I guess I’m not starting next week?  I don’t know.  I’m so nervous and ambivalent about starting this new job, that I’m not asking for clarification, or pushing for a start date.

Meanwhile, I am wrapping up my maid duties with Mom & Dad, with one day to go.  It will be a sad day, because I have loved spending so much time with Mom and Dad.  But, I am a terrible maid because I have to fight my naturally lazy tendencies and also because it’s so damn hard on my fibromyalgic body!  I have to take frequent ice breaks for my back.  So I’ll be glad to be done with the work.

I also am wrapping up with Dr. Flaky.  I just finished writing documentation for her new assistant that I am going to turn into a handbook, 42 pages at last count!  I’m nothing if not thorough!  Saturday will be my last day working for Dr. Flaky, and then I’ll meet with her on Monday to give her my final bill and the handbook.  This will be a sad parting because we have developed such a nice working relationship.  She is a genuinely good person and has been very good to work for despite her flakiness.

So, I will have all of my current work wrapped up and if I don’t start a job next week, then what?  My mind immediately goes to marijuana, bad idea!  Then I thought, maybe I’ll clean my apartment really good.  God knows it needs it.  Then I laughed and laughed.  Would I ever be that bored?  Oh well, it’s a good thought . . .

Hope you are all well…let me know!  Peach out!  BPOF!

5 thoughts on “Status Unknown

  1. same here…sat in limbo…waiting for various bits of paperwork to be sorted but as yet no start date for job… and no, I;m not cleaning either 🙂

    • Even in Colorado they don’t like to see marijuana on a drug test and will reject you for it. Bullshit I know. The only thing wrong with marijuana is that I binge-eat when stoned. BIG problem for me 😦

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