My, Madam, Your Bathroom Is Sparkling!

*Said no one, ever.  But godDAMN is my bathroom sparkling, people!!  This time off has done wonders for my apartment!!!  The dust level has gone down many, many piles . . . to nearly nil.  I have washed, scrubbed and vacuumed the FUCK out of this place!!  It’s amazing what a little free time will do to a person . . . my oh MY it feels GOOD being in this apartment now!!  I can’t think of a single thing I need to do!!  I think I’ll go ice my back, and read something.  I’m enjoying my last days of laziness and idleness . . .  soon I will be crying from the intensity of a full-time job I’m sure.  Happy Friday to you all!  ❤

14 thoughts on “My, Madam, Your Bathroom Is Sparkling!

  1. Formal mazal tov upon the firm assurance of your impending new job!

    Thanks for the continuing posts that are so positive, they help us all.

    Finally, all support and praise for not giving in to the temptation to self medicate with alcohol or weed. Again, this is reassuringly supportive of us all.

    Keep on keeping on!
    Sue Haley

    • Hey!!! Thank you!!! It’s good to hear from you!!! I have been praying for you every day!!! I’m not some big Christian, but I do believe in God and prayer. I hope you’re doing well!!! Thanks for being in touch ❤️❤️❤️


      • Hey! My phone battery died just as was about to hit send, so I’m resending my reply.

        Thanks for the prayers, they are much appreciated; I’m no super Christain (read freako) either!

        I am feeling much better, and am stable on lamictal again. Plus, we worked really hard all summer to pay off th car loan, a lingering hospital bill from 2015 when I was admitted for pneumonia for 5 days, and.. The IRS! So the 1st of September ALL the bills got paid, didn’t have a struggle paying for our meds, relished the sad little pantry, including meat for the first time in several months, and after my paycheck today have a decent amount in the checking account. I work part time doing in home care for the elderly and disabled (even though I’m on disability for th bipolar and terminal migraines) with very flexible hours and q very understanding boss and staff at the office..

        Yesterday, the hubs had a doctor appt. which he had entered into his calendar incorrectly, and I was at the end of another persistent migraine (the last one lasted 42 days), and was able to reschedule him for later in the day, and took the opportunity to get myself checked out for the migraine. Not only did the doctor give me the ‘migraine cocktail of torradol, phenergan, Benadryl and a dexo-something steroid, I was told that this course of injections could be repeated as – 3 day course. So now I feel much improvement, got the second round today and will get the third round on Saturday.

        We were both at the very brink of suicide, in mutual agreement with an excellent plan, and planned it all, including to sedate and take our 3 cats with us. We both felt huge relief relief and even euphoria at making the plan and setting a date. Happily after about 5 days, we both started to have second and third and fourth thoughts, and mutually abandoned our plan. #graceofgod

        Thanks ever so much for your posts and replies!

      • Oh. My. God.. This comment has given me the cold chills. I am so glad that you abandoned your plan of suicide!!! And I’m so glad you got treatment for your migraines!!! How in the HELL you survived that long of a migraine I do not know but I understand why you were seriously contemplating suicide. This is serious stuff. I am going to keep you in my strong prayers!!! And you work on some strong self-love and self-care, lady! I CARE!!! I am glad you are alive.

  2. You are going to be a superstar at your job!!! You have a special spark!!!! I’m so damn proud of you for cleaning instead of sitting on your ass like I would’ve done until the moment I had to hop in the shower & take off for my 1st day. Give yourself an A++

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