I’ve Started Writing A Book

Whoa.  I always thought I had a book in me, and now, with this free time, it has begun to spill out.  Right now I am writing an outline and reviewing my life, and honey, it ain’t pretty.  The life of a Bipolar person isn’t all roses and sunshine, surprise, surprise.  For me, it’s a story of semi-functioning, hyper-functioning, and not functioning at all.  It’s painful to look at.  There were many years of not being properly diagnosed and medicated when I just flailed about, making a mess of things.  I know I worried my family terribly.  I have to be able to look at my past, and say, “This is in the past”, and not beat up on myself for it, or get overwhelmed with past feelings.  I fucked up so many things on such a grand scale!  If you could get an award for fuck-ups, I would maybe win the Fuck-Up Olympics.  Ok maybe that is grandiose.  Maybe you have some spectacular fuck-ups in your past too.  Well I hope it makes a good book.  I’m thinking of calling it “All This Bullshit Has Happened And I’m Still Alive!” or maybe just something simple, like “How NOT To Live A Life”.  I don’t know.  We will see.  I have some time.  All I HAVE is time.

Anyhoo, Happy Monday to you.  Hope it’s a good one.  Peaches!

12 thoughts on “I’ve Started Writing A Book

  1. I’ll give you 5 stars if you give me 5 too, ha ha ha!!! Just kidding. (Not!) I love your title! I think you should model it after this blog because it’s feisty, insightful, moving, honest never boring…..but I guess the question is would you want to use your real name?

  2. Good for you for even taking a look inside yourself and keeping your eyes open to reality. Sometimes when I look too deep I can literally forget the past which doesn’t help self improvement one bit. Good for you!

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