A Firm Start Date!

I FINALLY got a firm start date for my job!  Yes!  It’s real!  I am starting on Monday, September 18.  Back to full-time work.  Lawd, help me!  So I have a little less than a week to write.  There’s nothing on my damn schedule (except maybe a nail appointment) so I think I’m meant to write.  It’ll be a good way to ignore this nervous stomach of mine.  Holy God, how am I going to work full-time???  I guess time will tell.  Ta-ta for now!

7 thoughts on “A Firm Start Date!

  1. BIG congratulations, my lovely one!!!! 👍 You’ll do VERY well – you’ve come so far & never cease to amaze me with your strength and perseverance!!!!! 💗

  2. I am a new reader, and I am very impressed how you crawl out of every hole that gets in your way… Please let us know how things work out. So many people here are cheering for you. And I’d love to read your memoir one day! Best wishes from Germany.

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