Because I Don’t Know When To STFU

As the title implies, I don’t know when to shut the fuck up.  Or, maybe, I just don’t like to.  So, the devil on my right shoulder said to me, “Why not email the hiring manager from the job that’s not working out and tell him just how disappointed you are that it’s not working out?” and the angel on my left shoulder must have left to go buy chips or something, so I said “OK let’s do it!” and I popped off an email about how sad I was that the job wasn’t working out, did I do something wrong, couldn’t they hire me as a temp, or could I go through another contracting agency?  WELL!  What I got back was a severe-sounding email, with the Account Manager from the contracting agency cc’ed, saying that they had been working very hard to complete the contract, and progress had been made, and that they hoped to have me on board next week!  Wellllll I just wonder if I changed everyone’s minds with my stupid email!!!  What a way to go into the weekend, feeling one drop hopeful, ten drops stupid as hell!!!  Hey people, if ya wanna know what not to do, just read this blog!!  

9 thoughts on “Because I Don’t Know When To STFU

  1. I wouldn’t worry. It would be a lot of work for them to start their hiring process over. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, they understand why you might be anxious. The way you worded it sounds to me like a person who really wants to work, which is a good thing.

    Last night I was in this writing group, and I got all hypo manic even though I was drinking herbal tea. The rest of night was me beating myself up for not being able to STFU.

    Hope it all works out well.

  2. I hope-hope-hope it all works out so you don’t have to stress about $ – you’ve been through hell with these folks, not to mention all the other crap, and your humor is still strong – you continue to amaze me!!!!!! Much love, Fiery One! 💗

  3. Honestly, I would have done the same thing. But I would have probably taken the course of telling them how incompetent they were. And go one step further to deliver some bananas for the monkeys that they apparently have working there. I get fired up and I can’t shut up. Yep, it gets me in trouble. Just one of the dangers of being a passionate person.

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