I Think I’m Moving Backwards

Well I’m back to being a maid for Mom & Dad.  Wooooooo!!!  It’s depressing and I hate housework.  But it’s a way for my Mom and Dad to give me money.  So I’m all for that.  My bank balance is back above $500 so I’m out of the terror zone.  Thank you, Mom and Dad!!!

Dr. Drugs officially has me on 300 mg of Wellbutrin, but I was taking 450 mg, my preferred (and I think therapeutic) dose until earlier this week, when I ran out of 150 mg tablets.  So now I’m on just the damn 300 mg and I think this is affecting my mood.  Dr. Drugs is really an asshole about Wellbutrin, he’s always claiming that I’m too stimulated and that it’s affecting my sleep.  I claim bullshit.  He is exceedingly hard to work with and I’ve thought of firing him more than once.  I just don’t know if I could get someone better, or if I might get someone worse.  Better the devil you know . . . if you know what I mean.

On the job front, I applied for a fucking Desktop Support job and the recruiter is checking my references.  Applying for this job made me feel like I was just giving up, but I felt like I had to do something.  The Account Manager for The Job That Never Starts told me that they’re hoping for a start date of next Thursday and I just laughed and laughed.  No seriously I told her I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Then I told her that I should get a dollar an hour raise for every week this job has been delayed.  That would be a hefty raise but I think those fuckers owe it to me!

Not much in the way of plans for the weekend, other than getting my nails done, and maybe a haircut.  Gotta look sharp for The Job That Never Starts.  Haha.  I don’t know what the lesson is in all of this or if there even is one.  Maybe the lesson is that life is hard sometimes.  If so, I got it.

Hope you all had a good week.  Peach out!


P.S. – A picture of my manicure is below, at Suzy Koeppcake’s request 🙂


11 thoughts on “I Think I’m Moving Backwards

  1. Eat, sleep, hydrate, clean house (which I would rather not do) let your parents pay you and try sticking to the 300mg of Wellbutrin. Or suck up to Dr. Drugs explaining your fatigue and difficulty staying asleep, don’t let the panicky part show (!) and I’ll pray you get the bump to 450mg. Keep us posted. Oh, and a picture of the manicure for those of us who’ve never had one or can’t afford them anyone. I am the former. Don’t bite my nails anymore, but occasionally tear one off at work. Well earned white, grey and silver in my hair, that goes almost down to my derrière. Also, one looooooong white eyebrow hair that pokes out like a tiny antenna!

  2. Hey, Twinkle fingers – I love the manicure colors & adore the sparkle!!!!!
    I’m SO glad you’re with Mom & Dad despite the drawbacks….I’m so thrilled your bank account balance went back up – money worry is horrible – absolutely horrible. I know it well.

    You are hilarious:

    “I told her that I should get a dollar an hour raise for every week this job has been delayed!”

    Damn straight! Those clowns deserve to be locked in a closet for 24 hours with the complete Enya catalog blasting out in high fidelity speakers. All they are given to eat is Spam!!!!!! And Spam milkshakes!

    “The Job That Never Starts” sounds like an installment of a Harry Potter movie.
    Harry gets told he’ll get to be a Professor of Magic at some freaky-ass witch/warlock school, and the interview panel keeps putting him off until he casts a spell on them so their genital areas wither away.

    Your perseverance and spirit are incredible and something good will happen! It’s inevitable. But yes, you’re being tested in a big, horrific, frustrating way by whoever/whatever gives us these tests. I think you’re getting an A+ for being amazing.

    Lots of love, you fiery jalapeno peach!
    Lady Dy

    • I was offered the damn job on Aug 21 and yes that is officially “months ago” this is a joke I know but sooner or later this company will get their shit together and I will have a job. In the meantime I am applying for other jobs (what do I have to lose?) and working as the maid for my Mom and Dad for some extra $$$ so I don’t starve. It’s not the live I dreamed of but it’s life.

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