The Pharmacy Done Fucked Up!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!  An error in my favor!  This is like a Christmas Miracle!!!  In my last post I wrote about how the dickly Dr. Drugs is very stingy with the Wellbutrin, and how I was down to the non-therapeutic dose of 300 mg.  Combine that with a change in the weather and the days getting shorter, and my mood has gone down, down, down.  It snowed yesterday, and I did absolutely NOTHING all day.

So today I went to count my pills for the week, and my new bottle of Wellbutrin XL 300 mg looked suspiciously full!  Hmmmm…. I thought, this looks like more than thirty pills.  Let me count them.  Well GUESS WHAT?!  There were SIXTY!!!!!  Little tiny six pound four ounce Baby Jesus really does love me!  I’m back on the 450 mg dose, y’all!!  YAYAH!!  Now maybe I can keep my head above water.

I’ll report back later in the week on The Job That Never Starts.  For now, I’m being the maid for Mom & Dad.  It’s better than nothin’.  Plus, I got my laundry done while I was there today, BONUS!!

Hope you’re all having a good beginning of the week.  Peaches!!

9 thoughts on “The Pharmacy Done Fucked Up!

  1. That is the BEST pharmacy-related story I’ve ever heard, sweet, sweet friend.
    Girl, I hope you like my book!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for that super-awesome retweet & photo.
    I promise I’ll send you some more coffee soon! I only wish I had a huge jug ‘o Wellbutrin to give ya!

    Love Dy and Baby Jesus!!!!

  2. wondering about the dosage your on. Im on 300 and that is said to be the working dosage. How did you get your doc to prescribe higher dose. I seem to getting SAD effects due to the on coming winter. Thanks for your good blog.

  3. Glad the pharmacy messed up! I think WordPress filtered my previous post because they thought it was spam. It really wasn’t, it was me sounding spammy but sharing info you might find helpful.

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